Weather Station


Weather station T sensorsIncrease the power of your integrated STEP control. By using additional sensors, your control can make anticipatory decisions for optimum control. The Weather Station monitors the outdoor conditions and uses the information to protect your greenhouse structure and it adds depth to the computer program giving you more options for how you control your environment.

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  • Examples of how the Weather Station data allows advanced control:

    Energy Curtains

    • Solar readings allow you to cover for shading
    • Outdoor temperature ensures your system is only covering when heat retention is needed.
    • Precipitation and Outdoor temperature prevent snow build up on your greenhouse, maximizing the solar intake.

    Irrigation & Mist

    • Use solar readings to trigger your irrigation or misting system.
    • Vapor Pressure Gradient AKA Vapor Pressure Deficit

    Vents and side walls

    • Establish parameters to define vent position based on wind speed and direction for each vent or side wall.
    • Determine when your vents should be prevented from opening based on outdoor temperatures.
    • Set maximum opening for each vent for when there is precipitation.


One weather station can be used with multiple EnviroSTEP, VersiSTEP or microSTEP controls. This complete package includes all sensors, hardware, electronics and cables. It can be added at anytime. Optimize your control by adding sensors. Adding a weather station allows you to fully benefit from all of the capabilities your control has to offer. The added features and additional protection will pay for itself.

Wadsworth’s Weather Station monitors:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Wind speed and direction
  • Precipitation
  • Light intensity
  • Accumulated light