Weather Station


Weather station T sensorsBroaden your horizons and open a whole new world of information: the great outdoors. The sensors on Wadsworth’s Weather Station send valuable exterior climate conditions to the control, allowing for expanded responses that protect the structure and equipment while maintaining an optimal growing environment.

Increase the power of your integrated STEP control. By using additional sensors, your control can make anticipatory decisions for optimum control. The Weather Station monitors the outdoor conditions and uses the information to protect your greenhouse structure and it adds depth to the computer program giving you more options for how you control your environment.

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• Outdoor Reset for boiler systems and heat valves reduces heating demands
• Outdoor temperatures allow heat and cooling retention settings for curtains
• Outdoor light readings determine
– When curtain should cover
– Level when supplemental lighting activates
– Irrigation schedule
– Accumulated light level to influence night temperature setpoint
– Influence on day temperature setpoint
– Influence on day relative humidity setpoint
• Software allows for graphing of weather and equipment information
• Ground or gable mount includes mounting pole and hardware


• Variable Temperature Lockout on vents limits air exchange during freezing temperatures
• Cold Lockout for cooling equipment protects crops from sudden drops in temperature
• Day/Night Frost settings prevent exhaust fans and shutters freezing in open position
• Day/Night Frost settings for pad pumps prevent pad wall water from freezing
• Wind Speed Restriction uses wind direction and speed to protect roof and side vents
– Separate leeward and windward settings
• Wind Speed Lockout allow you to select equipment that will not operate without an open vent
• Rain Restriction for roof and side vents protects crop from flooding
• Snow Determination activates gutter heat or uncovers curtain to melt snow

One weather station can be used with multiple EnviroSTEP, VersiSTEP or microSTEP controls. This complete package includes all sensors, hardware, electronics and cables. It can be added at anytime. Optimize your control by adding sensors. Adding a weather station allows you to fully benefit from all of the capabilities your control has to offer. The added features and additional protection will pay for itself.


• Temperature – -40˚F – 212˚F Resolution 0.56˚F
• Humidity – 0-100% Non-Condensing, Resolution 0.17%
• Wind Speed – 0-120 MPH Resolution +/- 0.34 MPH
• Wind Direction – 0-360˚ Resolution +/- 22.5˚
• Light – (mW Option) 0-175mW/cm2 Resolution 0.2 mW/cm2
– (PAR Option) 0-4000µmol/m2s Resolution 5.0 µmol/m2s
• Precipitation Sensor w/ heater – On/Off (adjustable sensitivity 0-500K Ohm)

Wadsworth’s Weather Station monitors:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Wind speed and direction
  • Precipitation
  • Light intensity
  • Accumulated light