WeatherguardThe Weather Guard takes the worry out of protecting your greenhouse and crop from wind, rain and snow. It overrides normal operations to close vents or retract shade systems when high winds, cold weather, rain or snow might cause damage. For example, if your STEP 50 wants to open the vents because it is hot and the WeatherGuard has detected high wind, then the vents will not open. The WeatherGuard system is different from the Weather Station. It does not monitor sunlight intensity or humidity. It overrides the environmental control’s decisions whereas the weather station shares information with the environmental control.

The Weather Guard is used with the following controls:

  • STEP Up
  • MiniSTEP
  • STEP 50
  • STEP 500

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  • Protects your greenhouse structure.
  • Allows windward vents to close in high winds while leaving leeward vents open.
  • Protects vents from cold temperatures.
  • Individual settings determine how far a roof or side vent can open in precipitation.
  • Protects outdoor shades in high winds or precipitation.
  • Protect the structure from snow damage by uncovering indoor curtains and turning on gutter heaters.


  • The WeatherGuard monitors:
      • Wind speed
      • Wind direction
      • Outdoor temperature
      • Precipitation
  • Easy to program.
  • Displays weather status.
  • Weather instruments on a 22′ mast.
  • 100′ of cable to connect the control panel to the instruments.
  • Control comes in a sturdy anodized aluminum cabinet.

EXAMPLESWeather Guard at the Bronx Zoo

  • Weather Guard Protects Vents and side walls
  • Establish parameters to define minimum and maximum wind speed and direction for each vent or side wall.
  • Determine when your vents should be prevented from opening based on outdoor temperatures.
  • Set maximum opening for each vent for when there is precipitation.

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