Belt Conveyors

Belt Conveyors

Belt Conveyor


U.S. Global belt conveyors provide an effective means of reducing product handling costs. These roller conveyers have a center tracking system and are height adjustable. Casters are offered on all portable conveyors.


Increasing labor efficiency is second only to improving crop productivity. By automating material handling, not only will labor expenses be lower, but time is saved and the use of carts may be reduced.

Conveyors are very versatile and portable; they can be used on tower booms, in aisle ways, and around corners. Roll them up to transplanters or soil machines, or add on to a smaller conveyor. There’s almost no end to their uses.


  • All systems custom designed for your greenhouse.


  • Choice of 30″ or 40″ diameter drive and idler drums
  • Number of layers: 1,2 or 3 available
  • Extension Hanger length: 20″ standard or custom
  • Length of systems
  • Basket spacing
  • Heat pipe accommodations available


  • Assembled drive and idle assemblies
  • Assembled axle assemblies
  • Sealed bearing on drive, idle and axle assemblies
  • Allows watering station location to be anywhere
  • ECHO® tightening assemblies (2′ Acme thread)
  • Plant sensing photo cells for watering upper and lower
  • DC 1/4 hp motor for variable speed
  • Programmable controller
  • Irrigation assembly with adjustable lockline or copper tubing
  • All parts are hot dipped galvanized
  • Aluminum stops for plant spacing (customer specified length)
  • UV-resistant heavy duty plastic hooks
  • 1/4″ galvanized aircraft cable
  • 3/4″ solenoid valves
  • Shade curtain friendly (everything is mounted under the curtain)
  • Shipped fully assembled


We can upgrade, change or customize your boom Amniod Filter Assembly

  • Recommended to reduce the chance of solenoid blockage

Watering Funnels

  • Funnels are used to direct the water into the pot below the foliage
  • Uses a hose under the funnel to direct water into the soil


  • Takes the place of the copper tubing
  • Flexible tubing for ease of adjustability


  • We offer the DC motor on our standard system and we also offer the old AC motor

Extension Hangers

  • Extension hangers can be made in custom lengths for your needs

Pot Hangers

  • Custom pot hangers to your desired length and pot size