Bouldin Lawson Conveyors


Useful as greenhouse conveyors,
nursery conveyors, product conveyors

USGR has engineered and designed Bouldin & Lawson equipment for clients worldwide to include South America, Middle East and Asia. Their equipment has performed for many years in remote locations with little or no maintenance.

USGR has been honored to represent Bouldin & Lawson on greenhouse and nursery equipment and Bouldin & Lawson conveyors since 1972. In addition to the B & L equipment listed here, you will find soil handling section other fine products from Bouldin & Lawson.

We offer a wide variety of conveyors from stock sizes of 16 inch by 6 ft, 11 ft and 16 and everything in between. We can supply conveyors to fit every application, both roller and powered in the following:

Configurations: Custom Material Handling for:

Three Phase conveyors
Single phase conveyors
Any voltage available
Variable speed
Conveyors with rails
Conveyors for turning product
Any width by special order
Systems of any length
With casters for portability

Soil of various consistencies
Wood, sawdust, plywood
Most warehouse materials
Liquids and some chemical products
All greenhouse applications
Any type of belting
Truck loading/unloading
Shelf re-stocking