Bouldin Lawson Portable Conveyor

Bouldin & Lawson Portable Conveyor

Bouldin & Lawson portable conveyorModel No: 142

Portable Conveyors are lightweight and rugged, and are available in three standard lengths: 5′, 10′, and 21′.

Manufactured with a 10″ wide, self-aligning belt, and anti-friction conveyor bed, the Portable Conveyors transfer pots or trays (5″ to 5 gallon) with ease.

With voltage transferred to the take-up ends, up to 6 conveyors can be powered from onesource. Available in single or variable speed.


Belt Width: 10″
Power: Horsepower and voltagedependant on application
Options: 5′, 10′, or 21′ lengths available

U.S. manufactured, shipped from
U.S. factories and warehouses