Portable Conveyors

The Porta-Veyor

You can move up to 800 pounds over a 100 foot conveyor, anywhere! The Portable Conveyor is a reality. No more heavy steel units in fixed locations, no more need for power outlets every few feet, and no need for different conveyors to handle different products.

Load and unload your truck, trailers, and containers with a minimum of people and effort. With a maximum length of 125 feet, the Porta-Veyor can reach from your loading/unloading area to the furthest end of the truck, trailer, or container. The Porta-Veyor can handle a 20% up- or down-slope, so it is easy to adjust for the relative heights of both dock and vehicle.

Portable Conveyors for moving plants & products

 Porta-Veyor in Nursery Operation



A Very Good Product. Great Labor Savings. Lightweight. Moveable. The Standard all other Conveyors Try to Attain. Useful as greenhouse conveyors, product conveyors, nursery conveyors and especially useful because the Porta-Veyor is portable!

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