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Special attention should be given to Kuul Pads, HVAC/Industrial market as well as for Agriculture. Kuul HVAC pad is the best cooling system for industrial pad cooling of all types. HVAC Kuul rises to meet the demand of heating, cooling as well as air conditioning.

The Port-A-Cool HVAC pad utilizes special sizes of length, width and thickness to meet not only the Port-A-Cool market but are in high demand by such evaporative cooling equipment like Champion, Adobe, Ethic, Phoenix, Aircool and other leading evaporative cooling brands. Acme HVAC and Special Acme Kuul pads meet the demands of all commercial air cooler unit using Kuul pads.

Kuul HVAC pads meet the needs of all evaporative cooling pad marketplaces. The Kuul and HVAC cooling pads are used by room coolers, humidifiers, cooling tower and has many other industrial applications. Kuul in the HVAC pads are in demand domestically and worldwide because of their demanding, commercial and industrial evaporative applications.

USGR offers Munters cooling pads, Kuul cooling pads from Port-A-Cool, cooling pads from Acme and other cooling evaporative cooling pad media. Our cooling pads are used in agriculture, for poultry, swine and many other animal products. In horticulture, our cooling pads are used for flower, vegetable, greenhouse applications of all types. The biggest markets are poultry cooling pads and greenhouse cooling pads. Poultry cooling pads mostly come from Munters Celdek and Port-A-Cool Kuul.Acme Kool cooling pads are high quality used also in poultry and greenhouses, mostly in North America. Munters cooling pads also go by the name Celdek. Our Celdek cooling pads are available from warehouses in U.S., Mexico and Italy. Most of our Munters cooling pads are shipped directly from the factory in Italy. Munters Celdek evaporative cooling pads are also stocked in other locations throughout the world. All of our Kuul cooling pads from Port-A-Cool are shipped from the factory in the U.S.

Evaporative pads serve the purpose of cooling all sorts of environments when used in conjunction with exhaust fans. Commercial evaporative cooling pad media also is available from Munters and Kuul and come in thicknesses as great as 24 inch width and 78 inch is height.This is also a very popular commercial cooling pad from Munters in Italy. There are special thicknesses available upon request, particularly in those interested in HVAC cooling pads. HVAC cooling pads are generally used for industrial and commercial applications. Many names are used by those making cooling pads. We highly recommend you choose products such as Celdek and Humicool from Munters, Kuul pads from Port-A-Cool and Kool pads from Acme, regardless of whether application is for agricultural, horticulture or commercial or industrial use.