About Greenhouse Evaporative Cooling Systems


Special attention should be given to Kuul Pads, HVAC/Industrial market as well as for Agriculture. Kuul HVAC pad is the best cooling system for industrial pad cooling of all types. HVAC Kuul rises to meet the demand of heating, cooling as well as air conditioning.

The Port-A-Cool HVAC pad utilizes special sizes of length, width and thickness to meet not only the Port-A-Cool market but are in high demand by such evaporative cooling equipment like Champion, Adobe, Ethic, Phoenix, Aircool and other leading evaporative cooling brands. Acme HVAC and Special Acme Kuul pads meet the demands of all commercial air cooler unit using Kuul pads.

Kuul HVAC pads meet the needs of all evaporative cooling pad marketplaces. The Kuul and HVAC cooling pads are used by room coolers, humidifiers, cooling tower and has many other industrial applications. Kuul in the HVAC pads are in demand domestically and worldwide because of their demanding, commercial and industrial evaporative applications.

Greenhouse evaporative cooling systems are used as major environmental control in greenhouses in most areas of the world. Evaporative cooling systems consist of exhaust fans on one wall of a building, greenhouse, warehouse, etc. and a cooling pad wall of water. As water passes through the cooling pad it lowers the outside temperature to approximately wet bulb. Air is then moved quickly through the structure and exhausted by the exhaust fan. Thus the term evaporating pad cooling. Evaporative fan and pad cooling was first introduced as a greenhouse cooling system in 1956. Greenhouse cooling pad systems were introduced by Acme. We have been leader of Acme fan and pad cooling systems for over 55 years.

Greenhouse cooling can also be designed for exhaust fans and shutters in more moderate seasons of the world. Greenhouse cooling is essential for most greenhouses in hot, dry climates on most crops. Greenhouse cooling can also be used for crop ventilation. We do a lot of greenhouse cooling by a combination of first stage ventilation followed by operation of fan and pad cooling system. Though greenhouse cooling and ventilation is not as effective in sub-tropical regions and tropical areas of the world, but ventilation factor is of major importance. We have cooled greenhouses even in the tropics with some benefit. Though greenhouse ventilation is often accomplished by roof vents, the most effective cooling and even ventilation would be for the air rather cooled or natural, to be pulled through the crop and plant canopy where humidity and temperature can be harmful to the plant. Thus, cooling the plant reduces humidity. In fan and pad greenhouse evaporative cooling it must be remembered when air enters greenhouse through the pad it is t lowest temperature, close to wet bulb, therefore high humidity. The air is pulled through the building in less than 1 minute, therefore removing the warmer humidity and cooling the leaf surface of the plant, or in case of warehouses cooling personnel and equipment.

There is also growing need for fan and pad cooling for cooling warehouses and also cooling systems for crop storage. More and more of our clients use evaporative cooling systems in all types of warehouse storage and design cooling systems for areas where temperature buildup of machinery takes place and of course for cooling the public where controlled environment temperature with evaporative cooling is useful.

Acme fan and pad cooling systems dominate North America in greenhouse and nursery business. The Acme system incorporates all components for a well engineered and designed system for Acme’s exhaust fans, Acme’s HAF fans and Acme’s wide selection of different water distribution systems as well as the Acme Kool pads.

Munters Kool Cel and Humi Cool evaporative fan and pad cooling systems available internationally in over 100 countries. Internationally it is the predominate evaporative cooling system for poultry. Munters is well known for quality of poultry cooling system for hatchery, egg producing poultry houses. They are specialists for poultry cooling. Munters products are available from various warehouses worldwide. Munters also owns Aerotech. They provide Cel Dek fan and pad cooling systems for animals, including hogs and swine. Munters is well known for quality of cooling systems for animals or poultry Munters products are available from various warehouses worldwide