About Kuul Evaporative Cooling Pads


Special attention should be given to Kuul Pads, HVAC/Industrial market as well as for Agriculture. Kuul HVAC pad is the best cooling system for industrial pad cooling of all types. HVAC Kuul rises to meet the demand of heating, cooling as well as air conditioning.

The Port-A-Cool HVAC pad utilizes special sizes of length, width and thickness to meet not only the Port-A-Cool market but are in high demand by such evaporative cooling equipment like Champion, Adobe, Ethic, Phoenix, Aircool and other leading evaporative cooling brands. Acme HVAC and Special Acme Kuul pads meet the demands of all commercial air cooler unit using Kuul pads.

Kuul HVAC pads meet the needs of all evaporative cooling pad marketplaces. The Kuul and HVAC cooling pads are used by room coolers, humidifiers, cooling tower and has many other industrial applications. Kuul in the HVAC pads are in demand domestically and worldwide because of their demanding, commercial and industrial evaporative applications.

Kuul cooling pads are standard evaporative cooling pads used worldwide. Kuul cooling pads are shipped throughout the world to thousands of clients where poultry and other animal cooling systems are used. These cooling systems are used for swine/hog. Kuul cooling pads are an absolute necessity in tropical and desert regions of the world. Poultry cooling pads are essential to this area and include dairy, birds of all types and any animal that can not survive extremely not climate.

Evaporative cooling pads are also used in warehouses. Cooling pad systems for garment factories, warehouses and other areas where cooling of people and products are important. Kuul uses cellulose for cooling pads as cellulose is a good water absorbent. Cellulose cooling pads come in various widths, lengths and thickness. Of course, Kuul cooling pads are also used in many industrial applications.

They are also referred to as wet pads and wet pad systems are the terms used for cooling pad systems. It is essential in operating cooling pad systems that the entire cubic foot area of cellulose material is thoroughly wet so the distribution system for cellulose evaporative cooling pads must be properly designed. The thicker the cooling pad, the greater the reduction of air flow. Cooling pad exhaust fans must also be properly designed.

The original use was for greenhouse cooling pad systems and the greenhouse cooling pad systems are able to reduce temperatures to about wet bulb. Greenhouse cooling pads are placed at one end of the greenhouse and exhaust fans are on opposite ends to move the air through the greenhouse in a smooth laminar flow. The greenhouse cooling pads are the same as those used for poultry pads and other animal cooling pads. Poultry cooling pads are essential for the health of poultry as poultry houses are bigger, poultry cooling pads are normally installed on the side of the greenhouse with poultry exhaust fans on the other end because of the sq mt/sq ft of the building. The poultry cooling pads are designed the same as they are designed for other animal environments. Greenhouse cooling pads and poultry pad systems must be designed in balance with the exhaust fans. Greenhouse cooling pads and poultry cooling pads have been popular for many years. Cooling pads for warehouses, factories and warehouses are becoming very popular as in addition to cooling the area, they do not allow humidity to stagnate.

In addition to Kuul Cooling Pads, we also offer the Munters Cel Dek and Humi-Cool pads and Acme cooling pads. Acme Kool-Cell is very popular in North America and shipped from local warehouses. Munters Cel-Dek and Humi-Cool pads are shipped from various warehouses throughout the world. The Acme Kool-Cell pads are used with their excellent water distribution system that are available in many different configurations, more than others. Acme cooling pads and Acme cooling pad systems, along with their outstanding exhaust fans have dominated North America and they were original inventors of evaporative cooling.

Kuul is very popular in the U.S. The Kuul pads originally invented for their Port-A-Cool cooling systems. Kuul pads are now accepted as one of the high quality pad systems; we also ship Kuul pads to clients around the world. Kuul pads, Munters pads and Kool-Cel pads come with coatings on one side to extend life and improve performance. They are also available for coatings on both sides by special request. Also Kuul, Munters and Acme can cut to size and provide for whatever the client wants. U.S. Global Resources is world famous for its design of evaporative cooling systems and because we offer Munters Cel Dek and Humi-Cool pads and Acme’s Kool Cel pads and the well known Kuul pads we can offer the widest variety of product and best engineering of evaporative cooling system.