About Poulty Swine Animal Cooling Pads


Special attention should be given to Kuul Pads, HVAC/Industrial market as well as for Agriculture. Kuul HVAC pad is the best cooling system for industrial pad cooling of all types. HVAC Kuul rises to meet the demand of heating, cooling as well as air conditioning.

The Port-A-Cool HVAC pad utilizes special sizes of length, width and thickness to meet not only the Port-A-Cool market but are in high demand by such evaporative cooling equipment like Champion, Adobe, Ethic, Phoenix, Aircool and other leading evaporative cooling brands. Acme HVAC and Special Acme Kuul pads meet the demands of all commercial air cooler unit using Kuul pads.

Kuul HVAC pads meet the needs of all evaporative cooling pad marketplaces. The Kuul and HVAC cooling pads are used by room coolers, humidifiers, cooling tower and has many other industrial applications. Kuul in the HVAC pads are in demand domestically and worldwide because of their demanding, commercial and industrial evaporative applications.

Cooling pads are used worldwide for environmental control of poultry and swine. USGR offers both poultry cooling pads from warehouses and factories from around the world. The cellulose cooling pads often referred to as Munters pads, CelDek Pads, Kool Cell or Kuul Pads are the 4 types used in poultry houses, swine houses and pig houses. Poultry and animal swine cooling pads are normally replaced every 4 or 5 years. Poultry cooling pads of cellulose material are used as water evaporation. Cooling pads for poultry and swine increases animal health.

Cooling pads are also used in greenhouse nursery industry; cooling pads are also popular in many industries. Cooling pads originally developed in poultry houses, swine houses and greenhouses. The cooling pads are the standard in many industries and many different animal cooling houses.

In conjunction with Celdek, Kool Cel, Kuul, poultry and swine cooling fans are the other components. Some cooling fans for poultry and swine use plastic components which are in corrosive environment of poultry houses. The market is more frequently for galvanized steel poultry fans. There are several types of poultry fans in poultry and swine houses.

In addition to exhaust fans, poultry fans are also for air circulation. Air circulation fans help control heat in growing of poultry and swine. The poultry fan also benefits the crop in poultry houses to exhaust with the poultry fans, the odors and bacteria in poultry. We design both the poultry cooling pad systems as integrated with the poultry exhaust fans and poultry air circulation fans. Anytime when the cooling pads are not in operation the poultry, swine fans, circulation and poultry exhaust fans are used for ventilation.