Celdek Cooling Pads


The Original Quality Pad from the Original Manufacturer, Greenguard certified by UL.

Quality pads mean quality performance.

CELdek® pads are used wherever the very best performance is demanded. The superior performance of CELdek® pads has made them the best known and most respected evaporative cooling media.

Why buy CELdek® ?

CELdek cooling padsCELdek® pads use a specific, specialty-grade paper developed exclusively for Munters. A proprietary resin inhibits bacterial growth and decay for long service life. It is a very precise process in order to maintain a healthy operating environment, unlike some imported products. The result is CELdek wets faster that any other pad on the market. Faster wetting means immediate cooling and potentially less system run time saving you water, energy and money.

If the pad does not dry completely, it could break down from the inside out, reducing the life of the pad. As an other precaution, CELdek is chemically treated to resist deterioration. Other manufacturers’ products may look similar but their inferior performance and longevity will show over time.

Always replace your pads with original CELdek pads for:

  • Enhanced system performance
  • Long-term dependability
  • Reduced or eliminated odor issues
  • Reduce the risk of complaints
  • Peace of mind
  • Ongoing technical support and design help for special applications and maintenance

CELdek® – the brand the industry trusts.

CELdek Cooling pad coated
For extra demanding environments, we offer MI-T-edg® coating, which is considered to be the strongest most weather resistant edge coating available and is the only edge coating with patented algae resistant. All of this means that you can add two years to the life of your evaporative cooling pad, saving you lots of money in the long run. We pioneered the concept and CELdek® is state-of-the-art engineering in evaporative cooling pads.

CELdek®cooling pads have been originally fitted in most evaporative coolers sold in North America, Australia and around the world. Manufacturers know and trust our performance and longevity. The pad you choose directly affects cooler efficiency. Using lower quality pads could lead to poor cooling performance and warranty claims. Choosing the right cooling pad can save you money.

Sixty years of research and development, engineers that understand ventilation systems and the science behind what makes a quality pad is what you get when buying CELdek.

We have a full set of information about CELdek® pads:

Following information is available with order upon request:

  • Maintenance Guide
  • Approved products and chemicals for use with pads
  • Edge Coating Treatment
  • Mineral Buildup Prevention Guide
  • Particulate Removal Capabilities