Nature’s own cooling … with CELdek®

When water evaporates the surrounding air becomes cooler and more humid. This, nature’s own cooling process, takes place without any need for an external energy supply. The CELdek® cooling concept relies on this environmentally friendly principle.

How it works

Water is supplied through a pipe to a distribution pad on top. This ensures an uniform supply of the water to the cooling pad and minimizes the risk of dry spots. The water is then evaporated into the dry and warm ai that passes through the pad. The heat that is needed for the evaporation is taken from the air itself. The air that leaves the pad is therefore cooled and humidified simultaneously. The water that is not evaporated is drained back to the reservoir.

High cooling efficiency

To describe the unique design that’s typical for the Munters cooling pads presented in this brochure, we shall use the type 7090-15 as an example.The cooling pad is manufactured by bonding together corrugated cellulose sheets with different flute angles. The first one has a flute angle of 60 degrees and the second one has a flute angle of 30 degrees. This unique cross-flow configuration creates an intense contact between the air and the water that provides exceptional evaporation. The result is a pad with a cooling efficiency hard to surpass as well as a cooling process that works in an economic and environmentally friendly way.

Efficient wetting

Our experts have developed a special impregnation and treatment procedure for the CELdek cellulose material providing an efficient wetting of the large contact surfaces in the pad. This unique feature to absorb and disperse large quantities of water minimizes the risk of droplet carryover and keeps the humidification efficiency to a high level for long periods.

Long life

The impregnation also stiffens the material enough to make it self supporting. At the same time, it is efficiently protected against decomposition and rotting caused by water and air.
The pad is installed in such a way that the 60 degree angle is directed down towards the air inlet. Therefore, the water flow is directed towards the inlet side of the pad where most of the evaporation takes place. This minimizes any scaling. The design also minimizes clogging of the inlet from atmospheric dust.

Conclusion: a pad with a long service life and low maintenance costs.

CELdek®, the quality choice

Munters CELdekCELdek® is the original structured cooling pad. It has been manufactured for more than 30 years, constantly improved and unbeaten by competition.

CELdek® is manufactured in accordance with our high ISO-9001 quality standards. Choosing CELdek is choosing high performance and quality.

Following information is available with order upon request:

  • Maintenance Guide
  • Approved products and chemicals for use with pads
  • Edge Coating Treatment
  • Mineral Buildup Prevention Guide
  • Particulate Removal Capabilities