kool-cel pads

KOOL-CEL® Pads are the best choice for evaporative cooling systems because:

Strongest, heaviest pad available

  • Made with the heaviest (90 lb.), highest quality virgin kraft paper High percentage of resin content
  • Out-performs the competition in tests:
  • High tensile strength, psi
  • High dry crush strength, psi
  • High wet crush strength, psi

Kool-Cel pads are cellulose cooling cells 4″ and 6″ deep, 12″ wide and available in 12″ increments from 24″ to 72″ tall with two pieces of 4″ combined to make 84″ and 96″ tall pads. The cooling cells are made from a specially formulated cellulose paper impregnated with insoluble anti-rot salts. It is designed with an exclusive cross-fluted configuration which induces highly turbulent mixing inside the pad between the water and the air, and contributes to the evaporative efficiency. The cross-fluted design makes Kool-Cel a strong self-supporting pad with high evaporative efficiency and low pressure drop (resistance to air flow).

These Evaporative Cooling Pads Systems are made specifically for hostile environments like green houses, poultry houses, dairy farms and the swine industry. Vitality evaporative media meets efficiency standards and exceeds pressure drop requirements. Kool-Cel media not only lasts longer, but helps keep your whole cooling system running longer by adding less stress to moving components.

Our Kool-Cel pads also feature DuraPro, Kool-Cel’s proprietary edge coating technology for an added layer of durability. DuraPro extends the life of your evaporative media in demanding environments and allows for easier cleaning with less damage to the outward-facing edge of the media. The dark color of this coating prevents light from entering and reduces the growth of algae.

A face velocity of 250 feet per minute for 4″ and 400 feet per minute for 6″ is recommended for the most economical cost.

Produced using the most advanced curing process, Thru-CureTM, patent pending

  • General Shelters of Texas S.B. Ltd. is the only company that completely cures each individual sheet separately
  • Cure is consistent and completely established at all contact points throughout the pad

kool-cel cooling pads in their unique coral color

Available in custom sizes and flute angles

  • Pads for agriculture/horticulture applications Acme Engineering ships custom orders promptly

Advanced resin technology

  • Improves strength, longevity, absorption and cooling efficiency

*KUUL Edge-47TM edge coating available

  • Not necessary for strength or durability of pad

Unique coral color

  • Distinguishes KOOL-CEL® from all others

Following information is available with order upon request:

  • Maintenance Guide
  • Approved products and chemicals for use with pads
  • Edge Coating Treatment
  • Mineral Buildup Prevention Guide
  • Particulate Removal Capabilities