About Pl Lighting


PL Greenhouse Lights is a division of Hortilux-Schroeder, using Phillips International Corporation components. PL Lights has been providing growing lights for greenhouse lighting longer than any company in the industry, in both high pressure sodium (HPS) and metal halide lights. Further, PL Light Systems and USGR have extensive knowledge on lighting requirements for a wide variety of plants and for greenhouse lighting for propagation systems. High pressure sodium lights are far more popular.

We provide both high pressure sodium lights and metal halide lights.

If you provide us with information on crop you are growing, whether for greenhouse lighting for production or grow lights for propagation and complete the worksheet, we can provide you with proper lighting layout that provides very even light dispersal required for your greenhouse. PL grow lights will not be the lowest price but light quality, maintenance and the extremely long life of the PL light will more than pay for the difference. Inexpensive lights and fixtures lose light spread and will dim after only two or three hours of light.

Whether you are installing metal halide lights or HPS lights, we can provide all the structural attachments for most greenhouses.

PL Lights, high pressure sodium or metal halide are the most popular greenhouse grow lighting systems in the world. These grow lights are universally popular and hundreds of thousands are sold annually. No other company has the experience or technology in understanding the grow light requirements of so many different plants.

  • Benefits: Benefits of supplemental lighting
  • Difference: PL Lights can make a difference
  • Light Care: Tips on operation
  • HPS: High Pressure Sodium Lights used for supplemental lighting for excellent plant growth and development.
  • HS: 600 watt/480 volt system provides more light with less energy.
  • Metal Halide: Lights with larger portion of blue/violet light in their spectrum.
  • Reflectors: 7 different selections. Most important part of greenhouse light.
  • Remote Ballast: Ballast installed on ground or between crops; Lamps and reflectors suspended at high level.
  • Reflectors for HS: Provides more light for these fixtures.