Benefits Supplemental Lighting

$$ Benefits of Supplemental Lighting $$

Can you afford NOT to light??

Potted Plants:

  • Plant size will increase up to 30%
  • Increase number of flowers with better colour
  • More vigorous plant growth
  • Easier, more consistent crop scheduling
  • Year round uniformity
  • Stronger, healthier plants resistant to disease/pests
  • Knock days, even weeks off crop times
  • Improved quality = 1st to be called
    by customers

Bedding Plants:

  • Potential to "double-up" spring crops (plant early, ship, plant again, ship)
  • Early bloomers sell first
  • Plant size increase up to 20%
  • Plants are firmer, more vigorous and bran( much better
  • Germination increases

Stock Plants:

  • Motherplants can produce up to 25% more cuttings
  • Larger, heavier cuttings
  • Stronger, healthier plants resistant to disease/pests
  • Cuttings root faster Cut Flowers:
  • Plants produce up to 50% more stems
  • Stronger stems less likely to damage during harvesting/packing
  • Enhanced colour and size of blooms
  • Higher resistance to pests/disease, less pesticides
  • Grow summer varieties during winter
  • Production planning more predictable and uniform


  • Year round production
  • Produce when prices are higher
  • Large increases in volume kg/m2, better use of growing space
  • Less "aborted" flowers
  • Healthier disease resistant plants, less pesticides
  • Labour planning easier and more uniform
  • Better tasting product
  • Ability to compete with foreign markets