Hps High Pressure Sodium Lights

HPS High Pressure Sodium Fixtures
by P.L. Lights

Our new fixture design provides a number of substantial improvements to the P.L. Light Systems line of HPS lighting. The refined ventilated aluminum body enables the ballast to run cooler than ever before which adds increased dependability to the internal components. The compact extruded design greatly reduces the blockage of incoming natural sunlight. A new mounting collar adds support and durability to our reflectors while easing assembly and maintenance time. Our line of reflectors have been enhanced and expanded to offer you the greatest range of product use. In addition to our Medium, Deep, Wide and Superwide reflectors we are proud to introduce the Midi and 1000W reflectors. This Lull compliment of reflectors allows us to offer you an expanded range of custom designed layouts. We invite you to complete the request for a free lighting plan. Our service representative will advise you about the best combination of fixtures, reflectors pattern and distance between lamp and crop to give you the best possible light intensity and uniformity for your unique environment.

HPS Fixtures are available in: 150W, 250W, 400W, 430W, 600W, 1000W Standard

Features on all HPS Fixtures include:

  • Improved collar design for easy installation and removal of all reflectors
  • Heat dissipating extruded aluminum body with ventilation openings to allow for maximum cooling
  • Compact body reduces shading effect
  • Suitable for mounting in damp locations
  • Available in 120, 208, 240, 277, 347, and 480 volts
  • C.S.A. and U.L. approved


  1. Optional convertible ballast – toggle switch gives the user the option of using either HPS or Metal Halide bulbs in 400W/1000W.
  2. New 1000W model with the new specially designed 1000W reflector.
  3. The new mounting collar simplifies assembly and maintenance.
  4. New ventilated aluminum body.

HPS features

Lamp Wattage Voltage Amperage Draw Input Wattage
150W 120/208/240/277/347/480 1 .7/1 .1 /0.8/0.7/0.5/0.4 190W
250W 120/208/240/277/347/480 2.5/1 .5/1 .3/1 .1 /0.9/0.7 300W
400W 120/208/240/277/347/480 3.8/2.2/1 .9/1 .7/1 .3/1 .0 465W
430W 120/208/240/277/347/480 5.2/3.0/2.6/2.3/1 .8/1 .3 490W
600W 120/208/240/277/347/480 5.7/3.3/2.9/2.5/2.0/1 .4 675W
1000W 120/208/240/277/347/480 9.5/5.5/4.8/4.2/3.3/2.3 1,100W

Dimensions – Ballast body: Length: 37.3cm/14.9″, Width: 17.2cm/6.9″, Depth: 13.7cm/5.5″

Summary table of plant lighting
Minimum values in greenhouse (suggested guidelines only)
Lux Foot candles
Cut Flowers
Fresia 3760 350
Alstroemeria 4300 400
Rose 4840-6450 450-600
Cut Chrysanthemum 3760 350
Gerbera 4300 400
Lilies 3160 350
Pot Plants
Miniature rose 6450-8600 600-800
Chrysanthemum 3760 350
Kalanchoe 3760 350
Begonia 3760 350
Cyclamen 3760 350
Orchids 4840 450
Nursery stock 4840 450
Bedding Plants 4300-4840 400-450
Plugs 4840-5900 450-550
Lettuce 4840 450
Tomatoes 11000 1000
Cucumber Research data available upon request