Metal Halide

Introducting Metal Halide Fixtures
by P.L. Lights

Halide Fixtures are available in: 400W, 1000W

Standard Features on all Metal Halide Fixtures include:

  • Fitted tempered glass reflector covering.
  • Heat dissipating extruded aluminum body with ventilation openings
    to allow for maximum cooling.
  • Compact body reduces shading effect.
  • Available in 120, 208, 240, 277, 347, and 480 volts.
  • C.S.A and U.L. approved.

Optional Features:

  • Convertible ballast – toggle switch gives the user the option of
    using either HPS or Metal Halide bulbs


  • 40OW model comes standard with the medium reflector for maximum light
    intensity and uniformity.
  • 1000W model is equipped with a new specially designed 1000W reflector
    to produce the maximum light intensity and uniformity.
  • All Metal Halide reflectors include the fitted tempered glass protective

    1. 1000W model with new specially designed 1 NOW reflector.
    2. Convertible ballast enables users to use the fixture for either
      HPS or Metal Halide bulbs.

Metal Halide Lights

Lamp Wattage Voltage Amperage Draw Input Wattage
400W 120/208/240/277/347/480 4.0/2.3/2.0/1.7/1.4/1.0 460W
1000W 120/208/240/277/347/480 9.0/5.2/4.5/3.9/3.2/2.2 1080W

Dimensions – Ballast body: Length: 37.3cm/14.9″, Width:
17.2cm/6.9″, Depth: 13.7cm/.55″