Pl Light Difference


P. L. Light Systems Canada Inc., a member of Hortilux Schroder Group, is a world wide leader in the horticultural lighting industry for more than 20 years.

We offer a wide variety of fixtures and reflectors that best suits individual grower’s needs and for every type of crop.


  • Six styles of reflectors
  • All have high efficiency output
  • All reflectors are made of 99.8% anodized aluminium
  • Uniformity is guaranteed


  • Less Energy consumption per kg product
  • Stronger crop decreases chances for diseases and pest, thus more biological growing
  • More production per m2 therefore better use of grow-area
  • Year-round-production at one location is possible, the advantages are :
    • Easier to trace the product (food safety)
    • No double management needed
    • No double means of production and more equal use of it
    • More equal planning of labour
    • No periods of production-overlaps
  • Constant quality for better market opportunities
Example of Tomato Production
TYPE: Voyager
LUX -Level (According PBG) None 10,000 15,000 20,000
Year prod. Kg/m2 55 92 106 118
Extra-prod kg/m2 0 37 51 63