About Commericial Industrial Electrical Vehicles


If you want the best burden carrier and electric utility vehicle, we offer the very best in burden, personnel, towing and other general warehouse and industrial utility vehicles. We offer a wide variety of products for worldwide shipping including Stock Chasers, Burden Carriers, Tow Vehicles, Personnel Carriers, Warehouse Utility Vehicles, material handling of all types, order picking.

Electric Utility Vehicle is great for order picking. All of our burden carriers and personnel carriers have long battery use. These utility vehicles are used in many different industries, not only for stock chasers, but burden carriers and utility vehicles, but also used outdoors and come with many accessories for a variety of purposes.

These electric utility vehicles have large platforms and easily attached to industrial trailers. Whatever your material handling challenges, The Pack Mule Utility Vehicle will meet your requirements for performance, long life and very long maintenance.

Pallet trucks are very popular with our customers. Pallet trucks have short term radius. Our pallet trucks carry a wide diversity of products. Pallet trucks come various load capacities.

Electrical vehicles – no odor – easy steering – for industrial use of all types. These industrial vehicles are used worldwide.