Air Entry

Air Entry

SM inlet shuttersSummer Ventilation

In climates with a temperate summer where pad cooling might not be required, large ventilation openings are required. Inlet shutters are ideal for this purpose, since they can again be tightly closed in winter.

SMT Inlet Shutters:
Tight sealing shutters that can easily be manipulated by an electric actuator to create a fresh air intake.

  • Shutter remains tightly sealed when in closed position
  • Shutter opening is not affected by the weight of dust deposited on the shutter blades
  • Trouble free automation

Available in different sizes

Winter Ventilation

Air inelts for winter ventilationDuring cold periods cold inlet air can be deflected towards to roof of the structure, which allows the air to heat up before slowly descends and comes into contact with the animals. In this way fresh air is supplied to the animals without chilling them with cold air or high air speeds.

Air Inlets:
Provides a controllable air entry passage when low ventilation rates are required.

  • Constructed from durable non corrosive materials
  • Safety mesh for preventing wild bird entry incorporated
  • Easy installation

Available in different sizes and different types