About Aerotech Ventilation Fans


Aerotech Ventilation Systems are now a division of the world renown company, Munters.   The Aerotech Ventilation Systems is U.S. division of the Munters Corporation, which strengthens the agricultural position of Munters in the North American agricultural environmental control equipment business through evaporative cooling for hog, poultry and animal environments through their manufacture of fans, air circulators, cooling equipment, curtain baffles and a variety of poultry and swine inlets.   Aerotech has a long history of meeting the challenges of agricultural ventilation systems in North America.   CAP Ventilation for hog ventilation during cooling months is an outstanding recent introduction by Aerotech

Aerotech’s engineering staff and innovations, coupled with that of the expertise of Munters brings to North America complete leadership in the field of hog, poultry, animal environmental control equipment and systems.   

Aerotech leads the world in cone and fiberglass fan construction, in addition to their regular galvanized steel fan and cone equipment.   U.S. Global Resources can engineer and design for you effective, low cost, energy efficient ventilation and cooling fan and evaporative cooling systems.   In addition, Aerotech and USGR offer quality PVC shutters, some of which are insulated.  

To complete the Aerotech evaporative cooling systems, we offer their Express Cool water distribution return system to complement the Cel Dek pads.   For animal confinement industry, USGR and Aerotech also offer curtain and baffle machines, poultry and swine inlets, dairy tunnels/cross ventilation as well as tunnel doors that are energy efficient, low maintenance insulated doors that are an alternative to tunnel curtains. 

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