Acme Valu Master Haf Fan

VALU-MASTER HAF (Horizontal Air Flow) Fan

Acme’s precise engineering has matched the proper propeller with a continuous duty motor to form a high air flow and low energy consumption HAF (horizontal air flow) fan. This HAF fan offers the user maintenance-free, long-lasting equipment suited for use in horticulture environments. HAF fans are commonly used for greenhouse, warehouse and industrial air circulation. Outstanding CFM’s for watt of electricity and exceptional air flow. Outstanding guard without reducing air flow.

Propeller – Aluminum blades held securely in place by a steel spider and hub provide quiet operation. Designed to give the best performance and efficiency as well as quiet operation.

Moisture Resistant Motor – From 1/15 HP PSC to 1/2 HP 3 phase, ACME has the right motor for the fan size. All have thermal overload protection and ball bearings. Selected motors can be used with variable speed control for more precise air movement.

PVC Coated Guards – Two piece wire easy-access guard has a white PVC coating to resist corrosion.

Easy Installation – Two piece standard rotational bracket provides a locking tilt adjustment for proper angle of air flow. “S” bracket provides two different dimensional mountings. Optional brackets are available for alternate mounting styles.

Factory Wiring – All single phase motors come factory wired using either a 6 foot 115 volt or 8 foot 230 volt cord with molded plug.

12″ HAF12A4 1566 1/15 115/1 60 124.5 1,145 9.2
20” HAF20A4 1626 1/15 115/1 60 105.0 3,005 28.6
20” HAF20F4 1686 1/3 115/230/1 60 402.5 5,105 12.7
36″ HAF36G8 808 1/2 115/230/1 60 680.0 11,280 18.1
36″ HAF36G8 808 1/2 **200/230/460/3 60 680.0 12,280 18.1

* Watt reading is corrected to standard air density.
Available with variable speed controller.
**200/230/3 dual voltage or 460/3 single voltage
Speed (RPM) shown is nominal.
Performance is based on actual speed of test.
Performance ratings include the effect of guards.


VAlu-Master HAF fan
VAlu_master mounting

HAF Installation Instructions