Aerotech Curtain Baffle Machines

Curtain & Baffle Machines

Curtain and baffle machinesCurtain Machines

Aerotech’s Curtain Machines use heavy-duty, long travel actuators to operate curtains or air inlet baffles. The 4,000 lb. capacity reduces the number of machines needed for longer buildings. Unique ball bearing screw design delivers 90% of motor’s power to cable, providing lower power use and increased reliability. Quality drive motor features internal electric brake for precise positioning of curtains. Built-in header features greaseable needle-bearing pulleys to allow lift
cables to exit in any desired direction. Curtain machines can be customized, at the factory, to fit individual needs.

Baffle Machines

Aerotech’s Baffle Machines are used to operate air inlet baffles and vent doors based on open and close signals from a variety of controllers. Quality drive motor features internal electric brake for precise positioning of inlets

Internal Double-back for Curtain Machines

    Curtain machine double back

  • Curtain Machines customized options:
  • Internal Double-back: internally doubles travel length
  • Fan Limit Switch: adjustable fan override during curtain machine operation
  • Potentiometer Feedback: transmits precise curtain position for use with Aerotech Environmental controls\
  • Chain & Sprocket: header pulleys are replaced with sprockets and chain to eliminate cable breakage, 1500 lbs maximum capacity


Curtain Machines

  • Available in 2, 3, 4 and 6 foot nominal travel lengths
  • Unique design permits easy service and maintenance
  • Galvanized steel construction with removable hinged cover provides outstanding protection & can be mounted outside on most buildings
  • Travel limit switches are simple and easy to adjust
  • BA4500 Series features all sealed electrical components including switches and circuit boards

Baffle Machines

  • Capacity provides up to 700 lbs. of inlet baffle (11 ” of travel open & close)
  • Aluminum housing with powder coated chassis for corrosive environments
  • Open and close limit switches provide easy adjustments
  • Optional potentiometer feedback positioning

Curtain and Baffle Controllers

SA1002 controllerAeroSentry Control, SA1002 (TD)

  • Air inlet controller.
  • Photohelic® unit monitors and displays building static pressure on an analog gauge.
  • Optional time delay adjusts from 15 seconds to 5 minutes.
  • Individual knobs set desired high and low pressure range.
  • Manual curtain operation possible.

SA2000 controllerAeroSentry 2 Control, SA2000

  • Air inlet controller.
  • Microprocessor based controller with digital display of settings and room static pressure.
  • Indicator lights show opening, closing and high/low pressure alarm.
  • ON and OFF time delays are each adjustable from 1 second to 5 minutes to prevent unnecessary cycling when opening doors and in gusty wind conditions.
  • Other settings include high and low static pressure alarm, and alarm delay.
  • Manual curtain operation possible.

SN5012 controllerAeroCurtain 1.2 Control, SN5012

  • Digital control with programmable temperature curves.
  • Temperature based curtain control with adjustable opening/closing times.
  • Manual curtain operation possible.
  • Thermal contacts can run fans, cooling or heaters.
  • Heating can be sequential or zoned.
  • Timer for circulation fans and mister system.

SN1010 controllerAeroCurtain 1.0 Control, SN1010

  • Temperature based curtain control.
  • Manual curtain operation possible.
  • Adjustable opening/closing and off times
  • Adjustable dead band setting.


  • Aerotech offers a full line of accessories for mounting
  • Curtain and Baffle Machines and routing cables in virtually any installation.
  • Curtain and Baffle machines can be run by “open” and “close” signals from any of the Aerotech controls. Additional controls can be found on the Environmental Controls literature.