Aerotech Tunnel Doors

Tunnel Doors

Energy Efficient

Tunnels doors for energy efficiencyIncrease Ventilation Productivity

Aerotech tunnel doors help increase the productivity of yourbuilding. Replace the inefficient tunnel curtains with the tunnel doorsfrom Aerotech. These high performance, low maintenance and easyinstallation doors are the alternative to tunnel curtains. The 1 inchexpanded polystyrene foam baffle is protected on top and bottom byblack corrugated polypropylene sheets which gives a thermal insulationadvantage over the industry standard of foam and plastic sheets.The steel lift brackets coupled with stiffeners keep the doors uniform in opening and closing.

Additional Benefit

The bottom door can be locked for small birds and opened foradditional air as the birds grow. The continuous rubber hinge withstiffener assures a tight seal when closed.

Cutaway view of tunnel door constructionPRODUCT INFORMATION


  • Triple insulated door assures energy savings
  • Continuous rubber air seal keeps the weather out and prevents air leakage
  • 5 times the insulation value of standard tunnel curtains
  • H-Channels connect runs for clean continuous look
  • Doors standard with stiffener to minimize bowing and warping
  • Latch kits available
  • Large lift brackets engineered specifically for consistent closing force
  • Contact USGR for available sizes


  • Minimize effects of leaking tunnel curtains
  • Reduce litter caking
  • Control airflow direction
  • Reduce heating cost
  • Bottom row can be locked
  • Works easily with Aerotech curtain & baffle machines and controls, see Curtain and
    Baffle Machine literature