Pipe and Water Distribution
and Return System
to Complete Your Pad System



The system comes complete with a water distributor and cover, return gutter, strainer, pump and miscellaneous fittings and fasteners to complete the assembly.

The cells are supported at their base by the special support built into the gutter. The water distributor is composed of rigid PVC pipe with metered outlet holes. Flush-out plugs and connection tees are provided to facilitate clean out and water connection. All hardware and fittings are provided to ease the installation.

We now offer Kuul and Munters depending upon best shipping point, warehouse and size to meet all needs worldwide.

The return gutter supports the cells that when wet weigh 2 3/4 Ibs. 4″ (4 Ibs. – 6″) per square foot and, therefore, should be adequately reinforced and supported.


The aluminum system utilizes quick snap together components for easy installation using a minimum of hardware. The heavy extruded gutter and support are designed to support the pads and carry the water back to a sump with capacities for an 8′ x 100′ system in 4″ pad and an 8′ x 80′ system in 6″ pad. The aluminum top cover is made in two pieces to facilitate cleaning the PVC pipe if clogged.


Acme’s 8″ PVC transition pump tank is ideal for installation in rocky areas. The Acme high efficiency system is made up of a covered polyethylene transition pump tank, coupling and end cap for 8″ PVC pipe (supplied by others ) and a float valve and bracket assembly.



  • Available in aluminum, galvanized and stainless steel
  • 4 ” systems available in all aluminum
  • Custom Sizing – sections available in one foot increments (5′ – 50′) to maximize efficiency and prevent additional installation requirements.
  • Fully prefabricated
  • Pre assembled gutter sections reduce installation costs.
  • Tall pad supports – provide additional support for 4″ systems with pads over 48″ tall.
These pumps are heavy duty centrifugal, self priming type featuring high volume and low head pressure performance.
These pumps are submersible type with cast iron housing, polypropylene base and Polycarbonate cover. They include a lifetime oil supply and non-clog pumping head and impeller


Model Type HP Voltage/ Phase Capacity At
10′ Head
Total Systems Length
4″ 6″
#30 Centrifugal 1/3 1151230/1 42 GPM 70′ 55′
#60 Centrifugal 112 115/230/1 55 GPM 100′ 80′
#15S Submersible 1/4 115/1 29 GPM 40′ 35′
#30S Submersible 113 115/1 42 GPM 70′ 55′
#60S Submersible 112 115/1 63 GPM 100′ 80′


The plumbing package is designed for use with all the pumps for the KoolCel systems and includes the necessary plumbing fittings and valve to complete the installation from the sump to the distributor and also contains the water strainer and float valve.

The sump tank cover and tank fittings are furnished by others and should be sized to provide 3/4 gallon per square foot of 4″ pad area and 1 gallon per square foot of 6″ pad area.

KoolCel installation
4″ KoolCel system complete. 468′ (142m) long house in China.

New installation – Texas – USA.


Available From A Location Near.

We have sold Kool-Cel and Celdek Worldwide for over 30 years. With proper maintenance your pads should operate efficient for many years. Even in the Mideast with their high salts – proper operation will give years of service. We also offer cooling pads from…

Kuul & Munters & Acme

  • Custom sizes available
  • Edge coatings available
  • Worldwide warehouses
  • Available in 2″ (5cm), 4″ (10cm) and 6″ (15cm) thickness
  • Fluted angles
  • Treated pads
  • 12″ (30cm) and 24″ (60cm) wide
  • Standard Heights 24″ (61 cm), 36″ (91cm), 48″ (122cm), 0″ (152cm, 72″ (183 cm), 78″ (198cm).

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