Small Portable Coolers

Small Coolers From
Arctic Circle for Institutions, Small Greenhouse and R & D Facilities.


Small CoolerProven Performance From 1,800 to 4,600 CFM’s

Pioneered in Arizona, where desert temperatures often exceed 45oC, Arctic Circle Coolers are the most effective and durable means of commercial grade cooling. At one-tenth of the cost of an airconditioner, Arctic Circle offers affordable solutions for any environment – including office buildings, restaurants, churches, schools, factories and agribusiness, and applications for window coolers.

Unlike conventional airconditioners, the Arctic Circle Cooler does not recirculate air. Instead, it cools down fresh air and forces old, warm air outside via open windows or ducts to cool down and refresh your environment. For maximum comfort, an Arctic Circle Cooler acts like a humidifier to prevent air from drying out.


  • Ideal for spot-cooling in factories, laundries and restaurants
  • Efficient cooling for greenhouses, produce bins and livestock and poultry areas
  • Cuts down utility and maintenance costs associated with airconditioning systems
  • 35 700 m3/hr capacity (Industry Standard Rating
  • Side Discharge Options POLYBOND- finish resists corrosion and cleans easily
  • Heavy-gauge, galvanized steel
  • Brass water float valve and bleed off kit U.L. recognized pump available
  • Solid shaft and embossed pad frames for rugged durability and strength
  • Precision balanced blower wheel
  • AMCA Rated
  • City of Los Angeles approved