About Anderson Injectors


USGR takes pride in  supplying the highest quality water treatment equipment on the market. No other brand matches Anderson Injectors’ reliability, accuracy, and flexibility.

H.E. Anderson has for over 50 years produced some of the finest chemical proportioner injectors used in agriculture. Anderson Injector is basically a metering pump. These are often installed as multiple pumps. Anderson proportioner and ratio feeder uses no electricity as it is water operated. Anderson ratio feeder is a positive displacement chemical proportioner.

All of our H.E. Anderson injector feeders blend nutrient, acids, bromide, herbicides and more. Anderson injectors are used extensively in hog, poultry and animal houses. The new Anderson is a programmable feeder propotioner and injector have flow ranges exceeding 2300 gpm. We also offer portable Anderson injectors and proportioners.

The Anderson injector system is also available with PH and EC control. The PH and EC Controls can be used with other types of proportioners and are popular in many industries. The PH and EC control products that are retained by battery backpack. All PH and EC controllers are insurgent type probes and these PH and EC controllers are adaptable to other systems.

All Anderson Injector systems are used in agriculture for all types of animal confinement buildings and even outdoor uses. Not only is the proportioner injector popular in agriculture but wherever you are injecting chemicals, fertilizers, the Anderson injector meets a wide variety of demand. There are many types of fertilizer injectors, large and small, but the Anderson fertilizer injector is the most diversified because of the ability to mount the fertilizer in multiple units. Fertilizer Injectors allow you to construct a system for your exact needs as one unit.

The new Ceres Fertigation system provides full and complete automation control of your injector, along with data collection, storage, and export capabilities.

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