About Dosmatic Injector Proportioner Medicator


Dosmatic is a very popular U.S. manufactured proportioner injector that will proportion a wide variety of chemicals for agriculture, horticulture, greenhouse and industry. Dosmatic greenhouse injector is used as a single unit for small greenhouses and large greenhouse Dosmatic is mounted as multiple unit. Dosmatic chemical mixing valves use a wide variety of fertilizers and chemicals and has excellent protection against corrosive greenhouse chemicals. The injector proportioner comes with many different options as to GPM. Regardless of your injector proportioner requirements, Dosmatic fills the needs of greenhouse growers large and small. Dosmatic chemical mixing valves are agriculture are used indoors and outdoors.

As a medicator, the Dosmatic medicator proportioner injector meets the requirements of accurate blending of water and medication for poultry, hog and many other animals. Medicator proportioner must be very accurate to be used as injector for hog, poultry and animals, as over doses can result in harm to animals, particularly poultry. Dosmatic medicator injector is extremely accurate.

These units are also used in industry for proportioning of chemicals of all types. Dosmatic accurately blends without surges, for a very even mixing and proportioning. The industrial uses are unlimited, whatever accurate mixing is required, mixing valves fit our client’s need very accurately. In industrial use, injectors are often used constantly over long periods of time. Dosmatic performs exceptionally accurately with constant, heavy duty use.