Smith Measuremix Injector

Smith Measuremix Injector

The world standard for accuracy simplicity and variety of uses

Four Models to choose from :

  • Model R – 3 for 3 to 12 GPM water flow.
  • Model R – 4 for 5 to 20 GPM water flow.
  • Model R – 6 for 10 to 40 GPM water flow.
  • Model R – 8 for 20 to 100 GPM water flow.

All models have these important advantages:

  • No electric motor needed. Operates on water flow.
  • Accurate proportion ratios, permanently set at factory.
  • No lubrication or adjustment required.
  • Reduced cost of plant feeding.
  • Sturdy construction for long service life.
  • Always safe for your plants. Can never inject too much solution.
  • For use with 3/4 lines to 6 ” lines
  • Trade in policies for new units available.
  • Recommend you buy extra ” O ” rings
  • Strongly URGE you to also buy smith line strainer filters and their dip tube strainers to protect your investment
  • Used in many industries for a wide variety or chemicals

Smith Precision

The R-1 liquid fertilizer injector combines the durability that SMITH products are well known for yet at a very affordable price.

Built nearly entirely from highly engineered plastics, the R-1 is ideal for portable hand watering applications but can also be permanently installed as well.

The R-1 can be used to inject any combination of liquid fertilizers, fungicides, chelates, insecticides or mild acids, Since each R-1 is TWO – INJECTORS-IN-ONE, simultaneous injection of two chemical mixes can be accomplished if so desired.

Each injector on the R-1 is permanently set at 1:100 proportion to simplify the design and minimize proportion setting errors.

Easily removable check valve inserts are provided for quick O-ring change, which is the only routine maintenance ever required.


Additional Data R-1

Two injectors: standard weight: 17 pounds

Proportion : 1:100 / 1:100

Flow rate range: 2 – 12 GPM

Pressure Drop: 5 psi average

Approximate Dimensions: 12x12x7 – inches

Inlet / Outlet Connections:

  • 3/4 – inch female hose swivel on inlet
  • 3/4 – inch male hose adapter on outlet

Fertilization and Feeding


Smith Measuremix Feeders / Injectors

Measuremix installed

Two independent Smith injectors operating
side-by-side. both are double injectors.

A great company offering the finest liquid injectors for greenhouse, agriculture, and industry:

  • No lubrication or adjustments needed.
  • Great extended life
  • No electric motor needed – operates on water flow
  • Accurate proportion ratios – constant and reliable
  • Ratios preset at factory
  • Made of Stainless Steel and bronze (new R-1 unit is made of highly-engineered plastic)
  • Always safe
  • Can be cart mounted for easy movement

Many Models Means Wide Range of Flow Rates

Flow rates from 2 gallons per minute to 100 gallons per minute.

R8 injector
Model R-8
Model R-8
Model R-3
R-1 3/4″ pipe 2 to 12 GPM
R-3 3/4″ pipe 3 to 12 GPM
R-4 1″ pipe 5 to 20 GPM
R-6 1″ pipe 10 to 40 GPM
R-8 2″ pipe 20 to 100 GPM

Available in Single Injector or Twin Injector units, with Stainless Steel double ball or PVC single ball.

Send for complete catalog, stating your general needs and specifications.

Smith has the industry’s best exchange / trade-in policy. Sometimes used units are available for purchase, but not often.