About Polycarbonate Greenhouse Covering


Corrugated polycarbonate is most popular in tropical and moderate climate areas of the world.  Greenhouse polycarbonate sheets available as Greca and Sinus.   Our most popular polycarbonate corrugated sheets and polycarbonate twin wall and solid sheets are available in Lexan product owned by Sabic.  Lexan is well known worldwide.  Lexan solid sheets are popular in a number of industries but twin wall or corrugated are most popular in agriculture.   Lexan solid sheet polycarbonate is used in every conceivable industry.  Solid sheet polycarbonate is used for partitions, skylights, manufacturing facilities, anywhere durability, clarity and special lengths and widths are required.

When considering multi-wall polycarbonate, special extrusions are required.   Polygal and Lexan twin wall are dominant in their own industry.  Polygal polycarbonate and Lexan polycarbonate are multi-wall polycarbonate and twin wall polycarbonate available in a variety of widths and lengths shipped worldwide on a regular basis. 
Polygal is also sold under brand name of Plavix, very close to name of Palram.  We can also offer Palram sheets from Israel and U.S.   Palram specializes in greenhouse and agricultural corrugated and multi-wall/twin wall polycarbonate.   Lexan, Polygal, Palram and others are available in certain standard clear, opal/white, in corrugated or multi-wall.   Special colors can be added to solid sheets as well.  
Twin wall, corrugated or multi-wall panels from Lexan, Sabic, Polygal and Palram have their own extrusions and each is made in a different process.   Solid polycarbonate is available in many different sizes, minimum of 5 sheets; they come in a variety of thicknesses; generally most popular is 3/8 or .25 inch thick.  Special fabrication for extra thick solid panels available for aquariums and other places where extra strength and pressures are required. 

USGR has been offering polycarbonate coverings for greenhouse industry since 1980 when it was first introduced as a greenhouse covering.   We also supplied a wide variety of industrial, commercial clients with polycarbonate materials designed for skylights, walkway coverings and a number of other uses.  

Our corrugated polycarbonate materials and multi-wall polycarbonate materials offer maximum light transmission, extended life, exceptional warranties and only the highest quality resins and UV inhibitors are used.  

We are competitively priced, even when compared with the low quality product from some emerging countries who are entering the industry with low technology and poor measurement tolerances.   We can provide you with technology and benefits for polycarbonate installation and whatever your requirements from growing plants in greenhouses to light and color requirements for industrial application.   

Outstanding new introduction:

  • Corrugated polycarbonate now available in 73.5 inches wide (72 inch coverage).
  • Reduces installation time and cost per square for because of fewer overlaps.