About Greenhouse Structures Shade Houses


Greenhouse structures and shade houses have been the major focus of U.S. Global Resources for most of its 78 years. We offer greenhouse structures from worldwide sources and our greenhouse structures are designed for a wide variety of crops as are our shade houses. Our greenhouse structures have been installed in the cold, high wind and snow areas of Alaska to the hot, dry climates of the Middle East. We have greenhouse structures installed in Lhasa, Tibet, near the highest point of the world and in the most humid area of the world, Madras, India. The knowledge of designing greenhouse structures to fit all climates, crops and locations of the world is the major focus of our company. We are also expert in all environmental control systems (e.g., air conditioning, evaporative cooling, fans, heating, and ventilation), greenhouse coverings and components of all types (e.g., benches, carts, conveyors, crop lighting, fertilization and feeding, humidification, propagation, seed processing, soil handling, soil sterilization, and water booms, to name but a few). Our plant growth technology in developing integrated greenhouse structures and shade houses is well respected worldwide. We have implemented greenhouse projects of all sizes for numerous uses in over 70 countries in the world.

Institutional greenhouses as well as government projects have unique requirements.   We have built greenhouse structures and complete facilities for universities and schools of all types and different uses.   Our government greenhouse structures and facilities cover a multitude of applications, research and development greenhouses, plant genetic resource facilities, forestry, aquaculture.

Among the standard products we offer to the world are the following types of greenhouse structures that we have implemented in 70+ countries:

  • Rigid peak/A-Frame structures are the strongest and best for inclement weather.
  • Arch/Quonset/Clear Span House: The most popular gutter connected greenhouse structure in our inventory.
  • Free-standing ground to ground greenhouses are economical, yet adapted to many environment control systems.
  • Institutional, school and government greenhouse structures often require special structural styles to meet the special needs of the user.
  • Gothic greenhouses are growing in popularity because of their Gothic configuration and adaptability to various covers.
  • High Tunnel/Cold Frame for over-wintering weather protection and low cost agricultural and horticultural structures. The demand for these high tunnel and cold frame houses are very extremely popular for crop protection and are extremely low cost. Great where no building codes required.
  • Hobby Greenhouses: A niche market we are very familiar with. We pay special attention to size and type; even crop to be grown. Ease of erection.