About Hobby Greenhouses


Hobby greenhouses whether kits or custom made come in a wide variety of sizes and components. The less expensive hobby greenhouses and backyard greenhouses are often covered with 4 to 6 year special plastic cover. As the quality of the hobby kits increases, the coverings become more permanent, using corrugated or twin wall poly carbonate. The most expensive and most discriminating buyer, glass is an option. Sales of these hobby greenhouse kits are less than 5% of our clients budget or investment goal.

Our hobby greenhouse kits or those that are custom made are all manufactured of high quality steel.We do not offer plastic type greenhouses. Our high quality backyard hobby greenhouses are designed for year around use.We can supply both heating, ventilation and cooling equipment if desired, depending upon where you live.

Many of our orchid grower hobbyists and hanging basket growers want a structure that will support hanging plants from the ceiling and our structures are manufactured in such a way they will support normal spacing of hanging plants in the greenhouse.All of our hobby greenhouse kits come with detailed and illustrated construction manuals.

There are literally hundreds of different hobby greenhouse pipe benders, sellers and manufacturers of the backyard greenhouses.

Having been in business 78 years, we have focused on those units that are in highest demand and offer our products to you in a variety of sizes to meet your individual special goals.

USGR offers the following hobby greenhouses: