About Hydroponic Greenhouses Organic Greenhouses


USGR has been a leader for many years in the development of hydroponic greenhouses.   U S Global Greenhouses have been designed to accommodate the best environment for hydroponic greenhouses regardless of the type of hydroponic systems installed.  Hydroponic greenhouses require special consideration in view of the type of hydroponic system used.   Development of hydroponic greenhouses started some 30 years ago and has become very sophisticated in the last 10 years.  Hydroponic greenhouse structures meet all local and environmental conditions.  In growing hydroponic, plant weight is heavier and the hydroponic greenhouse must be strong enough to support the crop.  

Crop density can also require environmental control for hydroponic greenhouses.   As you review our website you will see we can adapt all of our structures to hydroponic growing including in some unusual situations, even shade houses.  

Many hydroponic greenhouses incorporate organic growing, with organic type of greenhouses where special considerations are required for many of the greenhouses.   Organic greenhouses are designed most importantly for protection against insects in the organic greenhouse.   Designing hydroponic organic greenhouse is essential to protect plants from insects, diseases which can dramatically affect the crop in the organic greenhouse.   Most organic greenhouses are also organic hydroponic greenhouses.  Organic hydroponic greenhouses provide best return on investment and are generally more expensive than hydroponic greenhouse alone or organic greenhouse alone.  Combination of hydroponic greenhouses and organic greenhouses requires many special considerations.   The organic greenhouse market has dramatically increased in Europe followed by the U.S.   Organic greenhouses are now also becoming quite popular in Asia and Australia.  Whether your requirements are for organic greenhouse or hydroponic greenhouse or combination of organic and hydroponic facility, U.S. Global Resources (USGR), because of their history of plant growth technology and in depth knowledge of organic growing and hydroponic growing has contributed a great deal to U.S. Global Resources business in organic hydroponic greenhouse.