About Net Shade Houses Structures


In North America, the common term for houses that shade plants are called shade houses or shade structures. Internationally the term is net houses or net structures. Both terms are used for structures that are covered with net and shade materials of various shade percentages, strength and material to protect plants from direct sunlight.

Some of our net and shade structures and houses are mechanically open and closed. The shade houses and shade structures come with a wide variety of column spacing.Some of the shade structures or houses use cable to support the shade.Others use strong steel for extra support. Sun protection is the main reason for shade net houses and structures.The amount of shade depends upon the composition of the shade material.

Shade and net greenhouses or structures can also help reduce watering. Shade type of greenhouse is not truly a greenhouse; it is a shade greenhouse structure that provides some of the benefits of a greenhouse. Many of our net shade greenhouse structures are used for personnel or public comfort.We have retail shade houses to make more comfortable area for shoppers.Retail shade houses are generally built with more strength for urban areas. Our net shade structure greenhouses are available in sizes from as small as 40 ft by 40 ft to multi-acre covering.

Animals, including cows, sheep, goats and many other animals prefer shade and net structures for environmental reasons due to cooler temperatures, less sunlight. Animal shelters are a growing demand.