Greenhouse overview

Greenhouses, Greenhouse Projects
and Greenhouse Modification

USGR has over 80 year history of developing or supplying greenhouses as well as greenhouse systems and equipment based on the needs of the plants to be grown. Our greenhouse clients’ business is growing plants.

We offer a wide range of greenhouse types:

Vegetable Greenhouses
Flower Type Greenhouses
R & D Greenhouses
Propagation Structures
Reforestation Type Greenhouses
Large Wholesale Type Greenhouses
Aquaculture Facility
Education Greenhouses
Biomass Greenhouses
Government Specialty Greenhouses
Agriculture Greenhouses

We supply special greenhouses for such markets as prisons, wine industry, seed production greenhouses, sun protection shade houses and many other types of greenhouses to meet the weather conditions and crop requirements for all regions of the world.

Greenhouse Manufacturer Compatibility

We offer greenhouses, supplies, systems and equipment of all types that are compatible with the following greenhouses manufacturers (steel fabricators):

  • Nexus Greenhouse
  • Agratech Greenhouse
  • Conleys Greenhouse
  • Most other recognized quality manufacturers

If you are upgrading, repairing or changing your existing greenhouse to meet todays standards, we can integrate our products and systems to meet the design of most greenhouse manufacturers.

Greenhouse Improvements, Greenhouse Upgrades, Greenhouse Changes

The following are the most common improvements, upgrades or changes we make to existing greenhouses:

  1. Adding shade and heat retention
  2. Adding or changing insect screen
  3. Replacing cooling pads
  4. Installing irrigation booms
  5. Adding or replacing fans and pads
  6. Replacing poly with polycarbonate/acrylic
  7. Modernizing greenhouse control system
  8. Changing from stationary benches to rolling top benches.
  9. Adding ebb and flow benches
  10. Installing rollup side wall
  11. Improving air circulation
  12. Reducing labor with automation
  13. Many other creative and competitive quality improvements and upgrades.