Ground to Ground

Ground to Ground Greenhouses

Standard Quonset and Gothic Styles Available

Sold as non-Coded Structures without Certification
Unless Special Design and Upgraded Steel Components Included

30 ft. Pacesetter / 3 ft side wall / end has insert screen
on last three bays. A great house.

We offer square steel greenhouses orround pipe greenhouses.  


Our ground-to-ground greenhouses are produced in several locations in the U.S. to reduce freight and fast delivery. For our international clients, we can ship from Europe and Asia sub-contractors.

All of our Quonset ground-to-ground greenhouses are available with many different greenhouse equipment and greenhouse products as well as greenhouse systems to grow better crops.

The options for our ground-to-ground greenhouses are numerous:

  1. Square, round, rollform galvanized steel
  2. With or without side walls
  3. Rollup/roll down side walls
  4. Single or double poly covering
  5. Polycarbonate covering
  6. Shade material covering
  7. Insect screen
  8. With or without ends
  9. Complete with environmental
  10. Great for propagation with water boom
  11. Greenhouses designed for the tropics, diseases and heavy snow load.
  12. Many widths and lengths
  13. Benches can be supplied to maximize plant area

Greenhouse structure prices vary greatly depending on load, length, size of steel, round or square, ground to ground are among our least expensive structures. Please note the wider the house the less expensive per square foot / meter. Also it is wise to remember whether the house is 40 ft long or 200′ long you still have ends to build, at least one door, etc. So generally the longer the better – length should not be shorter than 48 ft. to 60 ft.

Any lengths are available, from 48′ (7.3m) to 600′ (183m). One customer many years ago ordered one unit 1750′ (533m) long! The basic design can be modified with sidewalls up to 6′ (1.83m), although 3′ (91cm) is the most common sidewall. Bays on 4′ (122cm) or 6′ (183cm) centers, depending on strength required. Widths from 15′ (4.5m) to 30′ (9.14m)

Gothic House

Available with or without ends. Clients often prefer to customize the ends to fit their needs. Many structures do not require ends. Gable ends are often covered in Polycarbonate or hard, rigid material to encase door equipment.

Types of greenhouse coveringsvary greatly. The most common is either single or double inflated Poly, Polycarbonate, shade screen, or black out films.

For strength and ease of construction, most clients prefer the square steel, as attaching equipment and systems is easier to do with a flat surface. We also have round and oval pipe available at a lesser price. Pipe sizes from 1 1/4″ to 2 1/2″ are available depending upon load requirement. Square steel is more expensive than round, but easier to work with.

Wider greenhouses have been supplied under special conditions.

30 ft. Gothic

Standard hoop and strong Gothic types of greenhouses are all standard.Gothic greenhouse is slightly more expensive, but adds condensation control and rain and snow runoff.

Wood baseboards are not supplied unless requested, and optional metal baseboards are also available.

30 ft x 60 ft seed trial houses heated and fan ventilated polycarbonate ends

For more photos of ground-to-ground greenhouses, see the ground-to-ground photo album.