Institutional government school greenhouses


Institutional and government greenhouses are a major focus of our company. As you review our website, you will find there are many greenhouse structures, systems and many components you require. It is our earnest desire to earn your business by providing you the structures and systems that most fit your requirements. We are well qualified because we have supplied domestic and international clients with an untold number of greenhouses to fit specific needs from a simple teaching tool to complex complicated resource facility. We urge you not to buy a kit as each institutional and government greenhouse is unique. Kits are generally sold and mass produced to be shipped to any climate for any crop or any requirements, but it is most important that specific engineering and design is completed to meet your exacting needs. Institutional greenhouse is different from one in Arizona, different from Alaska and same is true worldwide between desert regions of Middle East and the subarctic conditions of Scandinavian countries. We have met challenges of every environment in the world with excellent results.

You also have different temperature requirements, humidity, ventilation, crop requirements, particularly when you are doing research or using a greenhouse to teach different growing techniques, often from propagation to tree reforestation to vegetable and fruit crops. All of these require special greenhouses.

Many of the greenhouse manufactures are basically steel manufacturers. Their need to know plant growth technology and systems use is very often limited. But to you, that is the most important part of your project. We see so often kit greenhouse kit providers and even greenhouse manufacturers that sell systems and structures that do not meet educational, scientific and specific crop needs.

We understand when a project is being considered, very often the teacher , school district, government agency, enters into the engineering and design of a plant growing facility that is not familiar with how to germinate, grow, harvest, irrigate, fertilizer and provide the proper humidity, ventilation, temperature and sunlight that you need. That is very understandable. Our company takes an extensive interest in all of these things because of our experience; therefore we can be of substantial assistance to the end user if we are called upon to be an intermediary between the buyer and end user.

The reason we are inputting this section into our website is we are called upon constantly to retrofit and correct systems that do not work for the purpose intended. When improper, but not intentional, systems are installed incorrectly, and do not meet the needs of the end user, then expected results can not be obtained and very often research projects and proper plant growth fails.

Very often the reason for failure is also because the client must accept the lowest bid. Very often there are 10 to 20 bidders, but the client does not know well qualified the supplier is. We have seen cheap barn fans installed in high tech research centers. Inadequate heating systems.

Environmental control systems that are electrically inefficient and can provide more cooling or more heat to a crop’s detriment.

We very often see advertisements of institutional greenhouse supplier that states they are 30% or 40% less expensive than their competitor, but in every case, the buyer generally does not get the desired results when they have to choose the lowest bid. When dealing with growing plants used for education, research and development and specific special crops, it is vitally important that qualified suppliers with not only a background in manufacture and equipment supply be chose, but also a company with knowledgeable technology on the plants and crops you are growing and the type of facility to meet the need for education or research. The value of the crop and intrinsic value of the purpose of the greenhouse is the reason for the facility to be implemented. Many do not understand this value and requirement. Student failure and crop failure should not be part of an institutional or government greenhouse. Qualifying your supplier is very important. Internationally, always and more each year, domestically, our institutional, green and systems buyers are insisting that the knowledgeable not only through recommendations, but also for technical background of their ability to integrate their product into a growing environment and their knowledge of how you are intending to grow that crop.

We would be honored with your business as one of the few companies that can provide you with more than just structure and equipment.