XA-210 Maxi-VEnt

XA-210 Maxi-Vent

XA-210 Maxi-VEnt

Sometimes bigger is better—but not if you don’t need it. Get the same outstanding qualities and flexibility of our XA-300 but in a narrower width that is better suited to your space requirements. Like the XA-300, our XA-210 also promotes maximum natural air ventilation and offers you an abundance of options to fit your needs and budget requirements. Additionally, our galvanized, roll-form end and sidewall framing allow for considerable glazing and ventilation choices.


Interior view of an XA-210Optimal Ventilation:
The thermostatically
controlled Poly-Vent® ridge and side wall ventilation system provides maximum circulation

Connection Options:
Assemble as a freestanding structure or gutter-connect to other XA-210s.

Finishing Options:
Purchase the frame only or select a complete package, which includes everything required for turn-key operations

Choice of Covering:
Choose from double polyethylene film or polycarbonate structured sheeting

Custom Configuration:
Work with an experienced sales team to assemble the appropriate heating, cooling, doors, and environmental systems for your needs

Galvanized Steel Frame:
Constructed of 2″ O.D. 14 gauge galvanized steel, this durable structure holds up to years of extreme elements


  • Interior view Width: 21′
  • Length: starting at 24′ with increments of 4′ or 6′
  • Sidewall height: 6′, 7′ or 8′
  • Height to apex: 1 5′-1 0″
  • Frame spacing: 4′ or 6′
  • Truss height: Approximately 8′-6″
  • Truss system: 5-part truss made of 1″ and 1.66″ galvanized tube
  • Frame: 2″ O.D. 14 ga. galvanized steel tube
  • Purlin: (3) runs of 2″ O.D. 14 ga. galvanized steel tube


Choice of Polycarbonate Structured Sheeting:

Work with sales staff to select the appropriate sheeting for your needs

Door Selection:

Sliding or swinging doors
available in single or double widths; starting size is 3′ x 6-8″ but custom sizes are available

Bench Systems:

Choose from a wide range of retail or stationary growing benches,

Heating S. Cooling Options:
Heating systems can operate on electricity, natural gas, or propane resources; Cooling system options include: Poly-Vent side vents, Slide-Side Ventilation, HAF fans, exhaust fans and cool pads

XA-210 greenhouse blueprint