Modine Heaters


USGR is pleased to provide a wide range of Modine heating products. We offer a wide number of Modine gas-fired unit heater solutions. All of our heaters are thoroughly tested in conditions that replicate the most demanding in-field experiences.

It’s a challenge to heat commercial greenhouses. Greenhouse owners can’t risk using undependable heating technology that could give out during a harsh winter, destroying both crops and their livelihood. Any heater they buy has to be able to survive destructive, corrosive conditions.

Our goal is to produce dependable, rugged heating applications that commercial greenhouse operators can depend on to meet their needs. Modine is the only company offering blower units on high efficiency heaters. With efficiencies up to 97%, the Effinity® is the most efficient gas unit heater in North America, ranging from 55,000 to 310,000 BTU/hr.

The PTP model is made to stand up to corrosive environments, and the proven PDP model gives you value.

Modine Oil Heaters:

Modine Natural Gas / Propane Heaters: