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Modine Natural Gas Heaters,
Propane Heaters

For International clients 1 KCal = 3.968 BTU

Modine Effinity - 93% efficiency condensingMODINE Effinity® Gas-Fired Unit Headers
93% Efficiency Condensing

At 93% thermal efficiency for all model sizes, Modine’s Effinity93® features the highest efficiency available
in North America for commercial gas-fired unit heaters. This industry-leading efficiency is a result of the coupling of our Conservicore® secondary heat exchanger technology with our robust tubular primary heat exchanger design.

The Conservicore technology features a secondary recuperative heat exchanger fabricated from AL29-4C® stainless steel. This material is superior to other lower grades of stainless steel and aluminum, resulting in outstanding durability to withstand the corrosive environment of condensing gas-fired equipment.

  • Effinity savings
  • All sizes are separated combustion
  • Can be vented as either two-pipe or concentric vent system with 3″ and 4″ PVC
  • Contractor Convenience Package allows for easy connectivity and troubleshooting
  • Modine’s exclusive Conservicore technology withstands acidic condensate
  • Effinity93 box sizes are equal to corresponding 80% efficient models
  • Optional condensate pump
  • Now available with blowers! (215-310 sizes only)
  • All products Made in the USA


Modine Effinity models and specifications


Modine gas-fired unit heaters with separated combustionMODINE GAS-FIRED UNIT HEATERS

To reduce common concerns about dusty, dirty, humid and/or chemically laden air corroding the heat exchanger, separated combustion models draw combustion air from outside the greenhouse. By drawing the combustion air from outside, the overall heating efficiency is increased. Also, the combination gas control and the automatic retry ignition control are housed in a sealed compartment for maximum protection.

  • In-shot burners fire each heat exchanger tube for reliable performance
  • Same-size vent and combustion air inlets throughout product line
  • Optional stainless steel heat exchanger
  • Centrifugal blower models with adjustable sheaves for wide airflow range (BTS line)
  • All products Made in the USA

Modine gas fired unit heaters with separated combustion

Modine gas-fired unit heaters with horizontal power ventedMODINE GAS-FIRED UNIT HEATERS

Ideal for greenhouse heating and air circulation, the power vented HD and PTP models are available in 13 different sizes to accommodate a full range of applications. Heaters can be equipped with natural or propane gas as well as automatic or manual operation. The all-new PTP unit heater line is made specifically with the greenhouse owner in mind. It includes all of the benefits found in the HD line, along with:

  • Stainless steel heat exchanger comes STANDARD on all units to withstand corrosive combustion air found inside a greenhouse, extending the life of your investment
  • 10-year heat exchanger warranty is STANDARD, providing you peace of mind
  • Modine’s proven tubular heat exchanger design
  • Optional finger-proof fan guard for low mounting height applications


  • 80% thermal efficiency, maximizing seasonal efficiency for reliable performance
  • Installs quickly and easily with field wiring connections and knockouts for quick access to gas and electricity
  • Standard power exhaust simplifies side-wall or roof venting with small-diameter vent pipe
  • Permanently-lubricated motor for trouble-free dependability
  • Unit can be rotated 180 degrees, allowing for vertical or horizontal venting and easier access to controls (HD line)
  • All products Made in the USA

Modine gas-fired unit headers with horizontal power veted: performance data

Modine gas-fired unit heaters, vertical power vented.MODINE GAS-FIRED UNIT HEATERS

Modine’s PDP/BDP power vented unit heaters send all combustion products outside of the greenhouse, protecting sensitive plants from poisonous toxins. They are inexpensive to install, easy to use and offer excellent in-service economy. These units provide air circulation to reduce dead spots in the greenhouse, reducing high moisture areas that promote mold growth. Features include:

  • 80% thermal efficiency, maximizing seasonal efficiency through the use of a collector box and the power exhauster
  • A 100% shut-off, intermittent pilot-ignition system with continuous retry, at no extra charge. This ignition system allows for units to be field-converted to propane, if desired
  • A power exhauster that can be rotated 180 degrees. The unit can be vented vertically or horizontally
  • A safety pressure-switch to assure safe venting conditions
  • Designed to utilize the smallest-diameter vent pipe possible
  • A level hanging mechanism for easy field adjustments after adding accessories that may change the unit’s center of gravity
  • Designed to operate against 0.5 inches of external static pressure
  • All products Made in the USA

Modine fas-fired unit heaters, vertical power vented, specifications

Modine blower-equipped unit heatersBLOWER EQUIPPED UNIT HEATERS

Blower units are designed for both heating and ventilating throughout the greenhouse. They may be used with poly tubes and turning elbows to economically heat overhead, or under thermal blankets or growing benches to save on fuel costs. Blower enclosures and filter racks are also available for ducting inlet air for CO2 enrichment.

Now, all gas-fired unit heaters can be equipped with blowers, including the Effinity93. In fact, the Effinity93 is the only high efficiency gas-fired unit heater in North America with this option available.


Modine blower-equipped unit heaters example


ACME / Modine Fan-Jet Air Delivery Heating,
Air Moving And Ventilation System

  • For those will propane, natural gas, steam / hot water and in some cases the fan-jet in combination with air delivery heaters is an in expensive, efficient, quick, dominant way to heat many kinds of structures.
  • Greenhouses, packing areas, warehouses, dairy barns, hog / poultry operations, Many different applications, We recently completed a potatoes storage facility to reduce mildew, and in crease air movement.