Heatwave Waste Oil Heaters turn your supply of used oil into free heat for your shop, warehouse or building. Our heaters incorporate the most convenient features and safety precautions into the industry’s most durable units.

  • Save Money on Heating Costs
  • Reduce Waste Oil Liability
  • Burn your Oil Cleanly and Safely
  • Help the Environment by Recycling

Use our units as industrial waste oil heaters, industrial waste oil furnaces, waste fuel heaters, waste fuel furnaces.


  • Fuel Savings. Whether you’re a small local garage or a large corporate operation, the savings you’ll realize from buring waste oil will be substantial and immediate.

    Fight back agains the high cost of fuel by burning waste oil. By reducing oil demand you also help keep prices down. Less oil drilling, less oil refining, less oil being transported – it all adds up.

  • Environment. Burning waste oil has many benefits to the environment. By keeping the waste oil on-site you’l;l reduce the potential of a dmaging spill. This also means no fuel willb e burned hauling it away. Less consumption of natural enerby sources helps our ecosystem.
  • Safety Features. Heatwave Waste Oil Heaters are built with safety in mind. Standard features include mesh fan covers to protect fingers, safety disconnect, safety plug, and removable side panel for easy servicing.
  • Reduce Liability. If you’re currently having your waste oil products hauled away, you’re libability extends far beyond the doors of your shop. In fact, the waste oil from your shop is YOUR COMPANY’S responsiblity until it is processed or burned.

    The “free” oil piciup service may end up being very costly. Any cleanup costs resulting from a spill can be tracked back to you, whether you paid to have it hauled away or not. If you burn the waste yourself, the chance of spillage is greatly minimized.

Popular Users of Waste Oil Heating

  • Any company that has, produces or accumulates waste oil can now turn that waste oil into a facility heating system
  • Auto garages
  • Trucking companies
  • Greenhouses
  • Farmers
  • Car Washes
  • Military facilities
  • Rural agricultural and industrial buildings
  • Commercial, state, and local maintenance facilities
  • Worldwide applications where economical heating is required where waste oil is available

What Sets Us Apart?

  • A high priority on quality equipment
  • “No hassle” warranty
  • Post sales help and support
Reliable Kagi burner unit is used in all heatwave waste oil heaters
Reliable Kagi Burner is used in all Heatwave Models

Heatwave Model 150

The 150,000 BTU Heatwave Waste Oil Furnace offers:

  • cleaning access from both sides
  • a fully assembled unit, ready to set into place
  • hourly fuel usage of 1.10 gallons
  • a blower that pushes air approximately 40-50 feet and gives a temperature rise of 70 degrees
  • a unit that will heat 1500-2000 sq. ft. at -10 degrees and hold a 65 degree indoor temperature

The electrical, fuel source, and chimney installation are to be arranged by the customer.

Shown with Optional Tank Stand.

Heatwave Model 150 waste oil heater

Model Heatwave 150
BTU’s 180,000
Max. Sq. Footage 5,000
Shipping Weight 540 pounds
Dimensions 70″L x 42″W x 40″H

Heatwave Model 250

The 250,000 BTU Heatwave Waste Oil Furnace offers:

  • 1.75 gal. oil per hour
  • a unit that will heat 2000-2700 sq. ft. at -10 degrees and hold a 65 degree indoor temperature
  • easy cleaning access from both sides
  • tank and stand available

Heatawave Model 250 waste oil furnace

Model Heatwave 250
BTU’s 250,000
Max. Sq. Footage 8,000
Shipping Weight 820 pounds
Dimensions 80″L x 45″W x 47″H

Heatwave Model 350

The 350 furnace offers:

  • a unique ability to be accessed easily for cleaning from both sides.
  • a top-mounted blower equipped with an energy efficient motor, offering a 40% energy savings (makes a small “foot print” on the shop floor).
  • heat that can be piped or used most preferably as a horizontal air heat source for large buildings 40’x80′ in -10 to 65 degree interior temperatures.
  • ability to dispose of 2.75 gal. of waste oil per hour.
  • simple maintenance which requires cleaning of the fire box and proper disposal of any solid waste accumulations – usually a light ash is all that remains.
  • tank and stand available

Heatwave Model 250 waste oil heater

Model Heatwave 350
BTU’s 350,000
Max. Sq. Footage 12,000
Shipping Weight 1,080 pounds
Dimensions 74″L x 43″W x 85 “H

Heatwave Accessories

Heatwave Waste Oil Heaters offer:

  • many built in safety features including mesh fan covers to protect fingers, safety disconnect, safety plug, and removable side panels for easy servicing
  • dependable power burners

Tank/Stand use of Heatwave Model 150 or 250

The used oil is stored in the 270 gal. fuel tank/stand. The tank allows the furnace to be out of the way of flammable fumes and also gives a work area for draining filters. The oil fill door is large to accommodate a pail of oil being emptied. The furnace auxiliary pump is mounted on the uprights of the tank-furnace legs. The filter above the tank is a pot type filter with cloth strainers. The tank is equipped with a drain plug on each end and hand pump to empty water from beneath the oil without emptying the oil storage. The tank is baffled and has two toe steps for easy service. The tank is usable with Heatwave Models 150 and 250. All furnaces require a 20 psi. compressed air source for atomizing the warm used oil.

BTU Calculator

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