The famous Humidifan has been re-named Aquafog. The Humidifan originally set the standard for humidity control for many industries requiring control of humidity. The Humidifan has now been re-named Aquafog with some new improvements over the old Humidifan. For those of you who are still in search of Humidifan, now you can find the upgraded Humidifan in the new form of the Aquafog humidifier.

The industries we serve both domestically and internationally are as follows:


  • Mushroom production humidity control
  • Orchid growing humidification Vegetable and fruit storage humidity control
  • Livestock cooling and dust control
  • Greenhouse chemical fogging and humidity control
  • Greenhouse cooling and humidification
  • Greenhouse propagation humidification
  • Bare root storage humidity control
  • Tobacco conditioning humidification


  • Concrete curing humidification
  • Municipal odor control and humidity control
  • Industrial odor control and humidity control
  • Lumber conditioning and humidity control
  • Textile plant humidification
  • Printing plant humidification
  • Manufacturing process humidification

Mushroom humidifying in all sizes of mushroom houses is essential for growing quality mushrooms as you can accurately humidify. Mushroom growers around the world demand the Humidian Aquafog humidification system.

Orchid growers require humidity control in dryer climates for maximizing orchid growing environments.

Vegetable and fruit storage always requires humidity control under most conditions.

Greenhouse aquafog systems are used for chemical fogging, cooling and humidification, PARTICLARLY POPULR FOR GREENHOSE PROPAGATION AREAS.

Many of our nursery and forestry clients where there are bare root storage facilities use our humidity control aquafog for best climate control.

One of our largest markets is concrete curing, both indoors and outdoors where curing can be done slowly and evenly through humidification. The Aquafog is used in a wide variety of concrete curing rooms and concrete structures.

Odor control: Aquafog for odor control has been a growing market where odor is noxious and irritating to the public or workers. Our odor control humidifier and fogger is essential in many industries. Odor control is coming under many local, state and provincial and federal regulations.

Textile plants need humidification. It is beneficial to both textile and workers. Very often in printing plant, film processing and other manufacturing processing where increased humidity and even humidity are needed, our production companies benefit from quality humidifying humidification.