About Hunidifcation


Raising humidity by using humidifiers.   Humidification by humidifiers is very important to numerous industries.   Raising humidity and increased personnel comfort, helps with plants, providing a better environment for various types of equipment, and has universal uses in many industries.  Humidifiers are practical for plants, people, machinery, animals, etc.   Humidifiers are very popular for concrete curing.  Humidifiers for concrete curing are also used for curing various structures and shapes.   Concrete curing humidifiers are also popular for block, paving and stone curing.   Regardless of the size of the concrete area, our Turbo XE and HRSM concrete curing humidifiers are used.

Humidifiers are used for humidification of greenhouse.  There are humidifiers for orchids.  Orchid humidifiers are very popular with the smaller growers who want to use humidifier for cooling and adding humidity.   Greenhouse humidifiers are popular in propagation and also greenhouse humidifiers are good for retail operations for people comfort. 

Hobby greenhouse humidifiers are also popular because they are ideal for smaller areas.  

Mushroom humidifiers are popular worldwide.  Humidifiers for mushrooms means healthier crop.  Mushroom humidifiers are easily adjusted for all types of mushrooms.  Many claim that mushroom humidifiers are essential for successful mushroom growers.   Mushroom growers worldwide should obtain benefit of mushroom humidifiers.  Engineering and designing of mushroom humidifying is essential for proper layout.  

Humidifiers for cooling livestock in hot climates are used successfully for dairy humidifiers.  It is very popular in desert areas for humidifying and cooling areas for livestock for such things as horse stalls, animal buildings.   Many humidifiers are used in poultry.  Poultry humidifiers for people comfort, poultry warehouse humidifiers.

Potato storage humidifiers have effect on storage life of potatoes and other crops.   We have the XE Turbo designed especially for humidifying in potato storage facilities.   With proper air movement in potato storage there is less rot and protects potato from rot.  Like all good humidifying systems, engineering and proper design of proper sizes for humidifiers is important.   Just as in potato storage, vegetable storage humidifiers are important for crop life and proper storage.  Agricultural humidifiers are used in every type of animal, plant, vegetable and fruit storage.  Agricultural humidifiers have been important in plant and animal storage for generations.   Our humidifiers are made for every type of crop and proper storage.  

Manufacturing humidifiers help control dust, plant humidifiers help static electricity control.  Plant humidifiers are used in every imaginable industry.  Manufacturing humidifiers used for spot evaporation, cooling, total humidification, dust control.  Textile plant humidifiers are part of our business.  

We have humidifiers that are suspended on wheels, some with water holding tanks, moveable and can be designed to fit your specific requirements.   Most important about humidifiers and their humidification abilities are of course the controller.  Designing the humidifier systems in a controlled environment building is based on the crop, size of building ventilation systems, square mt/sq ft and of course, the crop or people to be humidified.