Aquafog Humidifier

Aqua Turbo XE Series

The Aqua Turbo XE Series:

The Nozzle-Free,

Horizontal Airflow Foggers

All purpose unit for all industries, humidification/fogging. HRSM model is the same as the Turbo XE series, but is on wheels and has a tank. GRSM is used for odor control. CRSM is used for application of chemicals.

  • XE Hanging Series: excellent for humidification and liquid chemical application. Used for liquid pesticide and fungicides, insecticide use and foliar feedings.
  • ORSM: Mobile odor control for industrial and municipal applications including humidification.
  • HRSM: Mobile unit for large humidification areas. Provides high volume fogging for humidification and liquid chemical application.
  • CRSM: Mobile chemical applicator for low volume pesticide and fungicide application and humidification. Coverage up to 30,000 sq ft.
  • HS700: Choice of 3 models. Numerous applications.

Foremost in design simplicity. Renowned for superb performance in fields as diverse as concrete curing and mushroom production, odor control, vegetable storage and a full range of horticultural uses such as greenhouse humidity equipment. Whatever your requirements, when you demand high productivity, excellent reliability and low operating costs, Aquafog does the job for you.

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Uses and Benefits

Unique design simplifies principal moving parts to one motor and its integral fan. Water or other fluids are fed into the specialized hub of Aquafog’s fan blade assembly where it is subdivided and channeled into passageways running the length of each blade. As liquid exits, it is atomized into ultra-fine fog particles. And unlike other fogging systems which may require permanent plumbing installation, high pressure pumps, complicated filtration, and constant maintenance of clogged nozzles,

Aquafog’s streamlined one motor/ one blade design produces and disperses fog using a single nozzle-free blade assembly. Because we use top quality components and engineering teamed with design simplicity, our cost is below many of our competitors’, making Aquafog an exceptional value. That means substantial savings to you in terms of a lower initial investment, reduced operating costs and minimal maintenance requirements. Now that’s the Aquafog Advantage!

All units accept ordinary water supply, even well or pond water without risk of fogging. Secret is in the nozzle-free self flushing design. Units can be run continuously.

Aquafog Turbo XE Horizontal Airflow Fogger

Our hanging Turbo XE units give you the best versatility and dependability in the Aquafog line. They generate micron-fine fog particles with excellent forced circulation, providing uniform fog distribution and maximum coverage.

Additional Turbo XE features:

  • When mounted high overhead, it allows more time for the cold fog particles to evaporate as they naturally descend.
  • Exclusive nozzle-free design eliminates plugging problems and need for expensive filtering systems. Uses ordinary water and power supply to produce high quality, high volume fog.
  • Fans can be stationary or equipped with oscillation.
  • Excellent for safe, effective chemical fogging. Used for pesticide and fungicide application, insecticide use and foliar feedings, the
    Aquafog Turbo XE is indispensable for use in greenhouses.
  • Capable of continuous duty operation.
  • Comes largely pre-assembled, ready to install.

Convenient panel mount flowmeter and in-line strainer provide control you need for your required fog output. Our Dwyer flowmeters are easy to clean, available in seven sizes from broad volume use to narrow ranges, providing better accuracy at low volume output.

Flowmeter Sizes:
High Volume Low Volume
4-34 GPH 20-300 cc/min
2-24 GPH 10-110 cc/min
1-11 GPH 5-50 cc/min

Turbo XE Oscillator

When you require increased fog coverage and circulation-especially when your coverage area exceeds twenty feet – an oscillator helps you do the job right:

  • Its rotational movement lets the operator fog at higher outputs while maintaining dryness underneath.
  • In addition to improving circulation, sweeping the fog with an oscillator alleviates droplet collisions and fallout.
  • Turbo XE Oscillators provide a continuous and consistent (dwell-free) movement.
  • You have a choice of ninety six different settings, with sweeps ranging from 3.75 degrees to a two-minute, full rotation of
    360 degrees.

Coverage and Specifications


  • Bareroot Storage (B)
  • Citrus De-greening Humidification (C)
  • Cold Room Produce Storage (C)
  • Concrete Block / Paving Stone Curing (B)
  • Concrete Pipe Curing (B)
  • Concrete Structured Shape Curing (A)
  • Greenhouse Cooling (C)
  • Greenhouse Humidification (C)
  • Greenhouse Plant Propagation (A)
  • Livestock Cooling / Dust and Odor Control (C)
  • Manufacturing Plant Humidification / Dust Control (D)
  • Mushrooms: Fresh Market Button Humidification (D)
  • Mushrooms: Shiitake / Oyster Humidification (C)
  • Odor Control: Rendering and Food Processing (E)
  • Odor Control: Waste Water Treatment (E)
  • Orchid Growing Humidification and Cooling (A)
  • Potato Storage (C)
  • Rotational Mold Cooling (F) Static Electricity Control (D)
  • Textile Plant Humidification (D)
  • Tobacco Conditioning (B)
  • Vegetable Storage Humidification (C)
  • Warehouse Storage Humidification (D)
*coverage estimates based on a stationary XE2000

Coverage Range

  1. 1 200 average, up to 2 000 square feet
  2. 1 800 average, up to 2 400 square feet
  3. 2 200 average, up to 3 000 square feet
  4. 2.800 average up to 4 200 square feet
  5. Contact your Odor Control Consultant
  6. 1 unit per cooling chamber
Fan Size Max Dry


Fog Output

Cycle CFM Rating Propulsion



Noise @


10′ Distance




Weight Largest



1 HP 30 GPH 60hz 3,260 35 feet 76-79 dB(A) 10.6 amps @ 120V 50 lbs. 4-34 GPH
3/4 HPtt 24 GPH 50hz 3,180 30 feet 73-76 dB(A) 4.0 amps

@ 240V

52 lbs. 2-24 GPH
1/2 HP 20 GPH 60hz 2,730 30 feet 74-77 dB(A) 7.4 amps

@ 120V

39 lbs. 2-24 GPH
1/3 HPtt 14 GPH 50hz 2,580 25 feet 69-73 dB(A) 3.0 amps

@ 240V

42 lbs. 1-11 GPH
1/4 HP 12 GPH 60hz 2,160 25 feet 68-72 dB(A) 7.2 amps

@ 120V

40 lbs. 1-11 GPH
tt: Units are for overseas foreign voltages only

All TurboXE Fans are standard equipped with dark green housing and a dual voltage, white epoxy painted Wash down dutyTM motor (WDD) 115/230V 1 ph 60/50hz

To order a special TurboXE Fan, add the appropriate suffix(es) after the standard product number.

Available Fan Options:

Fan Size Manufacturer’s


Standard P.N.

Black Housing (bk) WDD


3 phase 230/460V (3ph)

Explosion Proof 1ph 115/230V



Explosion Proof 3ph 230/460V



Stainless Steel motor 1ph 115/230V



1 HP XE 2000-
3/4 HP XE 1500-
1/2 HP XE 1000
1/3 HP XE 660-
1/4 HP XE 500t
tXE 500 comes equipped with a 1/2 HP blade


assemble, this unit can easily be upgraded to an XE 1000


Flowmeter Sizes:

P.N. Suffix Volume Range
F-34 (34) 4-34 GPH
F-24 (24) 2-24 GPH
F-11 (11) 1-11 GPH
F-5 (5) 20-300 cc/min*
F-3 (3) 10-110 cc/min*
F-1 (1) 5-50 cc/min*
*60 cc/min = approximately 1 GPH

Choosing an appropriate size flowmeter can sometimes be difficult. If a flowmeter size is not indicated, the manufacturer will select the appropriate size flowmeter per your industry.


Traveling Floor Stand

When you want fog circulation at ground level or bench height, our floor stand provides convenient, rapid mobility and a safe, secure Aquafog mounting support for one low price.


More traveling stand features:

  • Semi-pneumatic tires for easy travel over rough surfaces.
  • Tripod design with small 30″ footprint for fitting through aisle ways and tight spaces.
  • Generous 6′ 8″-high stand dollies easily for clearance through doorways.
  • Support boom is fully adjustable for pre-setting operational height.
  • Compatible for use with a Turbo oscillator.
  • Easily assembled; ships via UPS.


Aquafog Turbo XE RSM

Available in two models, CRSM for pesticide application and HRSM for humidification, the RSMs are compact, mobile foggers. They combine the advantage for the no-clog, continuous duty atomizing fan with a large-capacity tank for recirculation of all wastewater.

Standard features:

  • Large tank holds up to 18 US gallons (68 liters).
  • Engineered for harsh environments, units have all stainless steel hardware and heavy wall thermoplastic construction.
  • Equipped with flow control, automatic fill float assembly, overflow port, water hose connection, liquid level pointer gauge.
  • Wide-mouth opening for chemicals.
  • Draining plug for easier cleaning.
  • Sturdy molded handles and 10″ semipneumatic wheels for rugged mobility.

Aquafog Turbo XE CRSM

When the job calls for a low-volume method chemical application, the CRSM is your top performer. Even when the tank is full, you can easily wheel this sturdy unit from one place to another. Here’s more about the CRSM:

  • CRSM’s chemical pump operates at a maximum rate of 5 US GPH, producing particles that average 5 microns in size.
  • A circulation pump vigorously agitates the solution, allowing use of heavy powders.
  • Features a no-clog, nozzle-free atomization head and made of thermo-plastic that’s highly corrosion-resistant.
  • Fluid level gauge and large-mouth opening make it easy to mix and fill tank with chemicals.
  • Units treat up to 28,000 square feet.
  • Uses standard electrical supply; available in I/2 HP, 115V, single phase or 3/4 HP, 240V, 50 Hz, single phase.

Aquafog Turbo HRSM

HRSMThe HRSM provides high fogging, maintaining the weight and appearance of produce

Ideal for use in produce storage. Humidity man agement promotes wound healing and reduces weight loss and sprouting, enhancing the quality and appearance of all fruits and vegetables. The HRSM is designed to humidify large storage areas requiring a fogging machine that can recirculate its own wastewater, and/or a humidifier that can he easily transported from one location to another.

  • Features same nozzle-free, no-clot; atomizing head as the Turbo XE fan, but has large recirculation tank.
  • Liquid chemicals can also he added to large recirculation tank for chemical treatments.
  • Designed to he compact, sturdy and portable.
  • Constructed with watertight electrical components and all stainless steel hardware.
  • Equipped with water hose connector and automatic-fill float assemble for continuous duty operation.


Voltages: 1HP, 115V, 60Hz, 1Ph or 1HP, 208-230V, 60Hz, 3Ph or

3/4HP, 240V, 50Hz, 1Ph

CFM 1HP = 3,260 or 3/4HP = 3,180
Energy consumption: 1HP = 10.6 AMPS or 1HP/3Ph = 3.0 AMPS or 3/4HP = 4 AMPS
Noise @ 10ft. distance: 1HP = 76-79 dB(A) or 3/4HP = 73-76 dB(A)
Weight 1HP = 80 lbs or 1HP/3Ph = 76 lbs or 3/4HP = 83 lbs
Tank Capacity 18 U.S. Gal. /68 Liters
Output capability up to 30 GPH

Standard Features:

  • Large tank holds up to 18 US gallons (68 liters).
  • Engineered for harsh environments, units have all stainless steel hardware and heavy wall thermo-plastic construction.
  • Equipped with flow control, automatic-fill float assembly, overflow port, water hose connection, liquid level pointer gauge.
  • Wide-mouth opening for adding chemicals.
  • Draining plug for easier cleaning.
  • Sturdy molded handles and 10″ semi-pneumatic wheels for rugged mobility.
  • Delivered hilly assembled, ready for operation; shipped by common carrier.

Aquafog Turbo XE HRSM

The HRSM is ideal for whenever you need high fogging output with mobility – or applications where drainage is not available, such as vegetable and fruit storage.

Check these features:

  • HRSM’s powerful submersible pump is capable of pumping up to 30 gallons of fluid per hour to the fan’s atomizing head.
  • Unit automatically fills and can be operated for extended periods or on a continuous basis.
  • Compact in size, the HRSM combines a powerful humidifier with a recirculatory sump module.
  • Available in I HP, single or three phase and 3/4 HP, 240V, 50 Hz, single phase.

Aquafog® Hydro SS 700TM

Three models to choose from, for the ultimate in quiet, reliable performance in numerous applications. Compact and versatile Aquafog® Hydro atomizing fans can handle a variety of indoor/outdoor humidification or evaporative cooling applications. The nozzle-free fans can atomize ordinary water supplies into a very fine mist-like-fog. Utilizing high-speed centrifugal force and air flow, these units can propel a misty-fog stream up to 20 feet away.

The Hydro 700 Series brings advanced find-mist fogging to the small and mid-size operations. Perfectly suited for growing orchids or cooling people. If you need an abundance of misty-fog combined with mild air propulsion, Hydro 700 is the ticket.

The Bench Top (BT) unit will conveniently sit on flat surfaces or shelve. Bench Top is extremely easy to set up and operate. Units also reuse their condensation waste water, eliminating the need of a near by drain. Bench Top units fill automatically by means of an internal float valve and come equipped with a simple garden hose connection. A quarter-turn valve controls the fogging output. Price: $0.00.

The Direct Feed (DF) hanging units receive liquid directly through a visual flowmeter control panel. This provides for fine “repeatable” control of the fogging output as well as enhancing dependability by eliminating sump components. Direct Feed units are well suited for the harsher environment or applications where standing water in a sump could become an issue. Each unit is equipped with a 5 GPH (20-300cc/min) flowmeter panel and 12′ condensation drainage line. Price: $0.00.

The Hanging Sump (HS) unit is essentially a Bench Top unit with an extra bracket for hanging. If you are seeking the benefits of the Bench Top but would like ability to hang the unit as an option, then the Hanging Sump is the ticket. Hanging Sump units, reuse its condensation waste water, eliminating the need of a near by drain and are easy to operate. Units fill automatically by means of an internal float valve and come equipped with a simple garden hose connection. A quarter-turn valve controls the fogging output. Price: $0.00.

Check these features:

  • 3 gallon per hour fogging capability
  • Consumes extremely low amounts of energy, 1.8 amps or less @ 115V
  • Adjustable angle fogging head
  • No-clog, nozzle-free atomization
  • Adjustable flow output w/ fog particles averaging 40 microns in size
  • 14 foot power cord with grounded three prong plug.
  • 15 feet of ¼” water line tubing with water hose connector