Aquafog Ss700

Aquafog SS 700: three models to choose from

Aquafog® Hydro SS 700TM

Three models to choose from,
for the ultimate in quiet, reliable
performance in numerous applications

Direct Feed (DF) Centrifugal Fogger

Bench Top (BT) Centrifugal Fogger

Hanging Sump (HS) Centrifugal Fogger

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the Aquafog 700 produce a mist or a fog?

These units produce a very fine misty fog. Ideal for raising humidity levels, evaporative cooling of air mass and also evaporative cooling objects. For example people who pass directly underneath the units could receive a very light misting for some direct evaporative cooling. However most of the mist/fog will evaporate before it has a chance to contact objects.

2. How quiet is the Aquafog 700 units?

Although these units are not quite as quiet as the hum of a refrigerator, they are quiet and have a very pleasing sound to the human ear. The sound level would not be much different than any ordinary household cooling fan.

3. Do I need to fill this unit with water?

No, the Aquafog 700 connects with a garden hose connector to any size water supply line. On the “Sump” models, an internal float valve will automatically maintain a proper water level. There is also small sump area allowed to collect and reuse all unused water, so no drainage is necessary.

4. How much water pressure do I need?

Aquafog 700 units do not require any high pressure pumps. An ordinary water supply is more than adequate and pressure can be as low as 5 psi. Units can also be gravity fed from reservoir supples located higher than the Aquafog unit(s).

5. Will the Aquafog units be reliable using my water supply?

All Aquafog units are a self-flushing and nozzle-free system that does not require small orifices to produce a high quality combination mist/fog. In most cases no filtration is necessary. In-fact, Aquafog units can accept ordinary water supplies, such as city, well and even pond water without incurring any clogs. Even well water supplies with high concentrations of calcium rarely present clogging problems.

6. Can I install this unit myself?

You certainly can, the Aquafog 700 arrives fully assembled, they are very easy and quick to install. To complete a system: a Aquafog 700 unit is already complete and ready for manual operation. The combination Aquafog 700 unit and a Humidistat can be set for automatic on/off operation according to a desired preset humidity level.

7. Do you have any experience shipping overseas?

Yes, currently 40% of our sales are exports. Jaybird has been exporting equipment for over 17
years and has acquired the specialized knowledge needed to ensure efficient service and prompt delivery for our overseas customers.

8. How long would it take to have my order shipped?

Generally, orders are shipped quickly within 24 hours. Large orders or customized orders may
require a longer period. Fan units can be shipped by UPS and RSM’s are shipped using common carrier. Overseas orders are normally shipped by air.

9. Is there a warranty on the Aquafog units?

All of our fogging units and accessories are covered by a one-year limited warranty.

All units accept ordinary water supply, even well or pond water without risk of fogging. Secret is in the nozzle-free flushing design. Units can be run continuously.