Aquafog xe orsm

Aquafog Turbo XE ORSM for odor control

Top Performer in Odor Control
for Industrial and Municipal Applications.

The ORSM atomizes and disperses odor control/odor neutralizing chemicals for municipal and industrial odor control. Its ultra-fine atomization and ease of installation make it the industry’s first choice. And while the ORSM’s compact, portable design is outstanding for demonstrations and short-term emergency installations, it also features connections for permanent installation. Its high quality components make it exceptionally durable and reliable, an excellent value whenever odor control is of paramount importance.

  • Arrives fully assembled, ready for quick and easy installation.
  • Large 18-gallon capacity tank and wide-mouth opening for manual fill.
  • Connects to a concentrated supply of chemical using a metering pump for a more permanent installation. Includes water hose, float valve connection for continuous supply of fresh water.

Providing powerful atomization in a compact, durable design, the ORSM leads the industry with its versatility and exceptional value.


Voltages: 1 /2HP, 115V, 60Hz, 1 Ph or 3/4HP, 240V, 50Hz, 1 CFM: 1/2HP = 2,730 or 3/4HP = 3,180
Energy consumption: 1 /2HP = 7.4 AMPS or 3/4HP = 4 AMPS
Noise @ 10 ft. distance: 1/2HP = 74-77 dB(A) or 3/4HP = 73-76 dB(A) Weight: 1/2HP = 76 lbs or 3/4HP = 91 lbs
Tank capacity: 18 U.S. Gal./68 Liters
Output capability: 1-8 GPH

Flow control valve factory-calibrated at 1 GPH

Standard Features:

  • Large tank holds up to 18 US gallons (68 liters).
  • Engineered for harsh environments, units have all stainless steel hardware and heavy wall thermoplastic construction.
  • Equipped with an oil-filled inlet for a metering pump and a priming system.
  • Also features automatic water fill float assembly,overflow port, water hose connection, liquid level pointer gauge.
  • Wide-mouth opening for adding chemicals.
  • Draining plug for easier cleaning.
  • Sturdy molded handles and 10″ semi-pneumatic wheels for rugged mobility.

All units accept ordinary water supply, even well or pond water without risk of fogging. Secret is in the nozzle-free flushing design. Units can be run continuously.