Concrete Curing

Concrete Curing

Still using “old school” steam curing? Many products cure unevenly with steam, and it’s related to where they are placed within the cure room. Steam rises when it enters a chamber, then condenses as it cools to ambient temperature. This can result in wetness up high and uneven temperatures from top to bottom. The physics of steam make the cure room’s environment difficult to control.

To gain control of conditions and even out the environment, consider using Turbo XE’s for humidification, combined with additional heat as needed. Not only will you experience more consistent curing, you’ll reduce energy costs too!

From concrete pipe to block, paving stones to structured shapes, Aquafog® fogging fans have taken hold of the concrete industry. Virtually any concrete application where fog can be contained around the product will benefit from the use of these powerful foggers.

Companies are choosing Aquafog’s® cool fog over traditional steam for its high efficiency and savings. Cold fog disperses more efficiently into warm air, uniformly increasing RH in minutes, resulting in superior curing in less time. In addition, Aquafog’s® initial investment cost is substantially lower and the 97% energy savings means lower operating costs.

It’s all about performance and reliability in this extremely harsh, high RH environment. Aquafog Turbo XE’s have been proven in curing room chambers across the country and dominate the competition.

Today, it’s especially important to focus on maintaining humidity to achieve high strength concrete. Products in a 100% humidified curing chamber are able to retain their moisture, increasing chemical reaction and heat generation. In many cases, the heat generated will be sufficient to maintain the chamber’s targeted temperature range.

  • Cold fog gets absorbed into the warmer surrounding air more efficiently and evenly versus steam. Steam will condensate a lot of its moisture as it enters the cooler surrounding air, in addition to adding heat.
  • A heat rise will work against attempts to increasing humidity levels. [As air heats up, it expands and will decrease its % of RH]
  • The amount of energy necessary to convert 1 lb. water to steam is 970.4 (Btu/lb)
  • The amount of energy necessary to atomize 1 lb. water using Aquafog is 25.9 (Btu/lb)

The key fogging equipment used for concrete curing applications…

Concrete curing humidification – XE-2000 , XE-1500 for 50Hz, XE-1000

Humidification Small Research Testing chambers – Aquafog 700

Humidification Mid-large Research & block chambers – XE-500, XE-660 for 50Hz

Mobile Humidification – XE-HRSM