De-humidifcation means lower humidity by removing water from the air inside a structure such as a greenhouse or animal house. There are several ways to do this, all based on standard products available from USGR.

The first method is to use fans to introduce lower-humidity air into a structure. The Acme Fan-Jet is ideal for this purpose. This method works best in relatively dry enfironments where the contents of the structure generate humidity and that humidity must be lowered. The power requirements are moderate. Portable fans such as the Acme portable fans can also be used a movable, temporary means of dehumidifcation.

A second method is to use air conditioning to dry the air in a structure. Air conditioners are natural dehumidifiers by the nature of their operation. This method works even if the environment is not naturally dry, but the power requirements are the highest.

A thrid method is to use natural ventilation dehumidification as available from Euroemme. This method has the lowest power requirements but depends upon having a dry environment around the structure.