Horticultural Applications
for Humidification Equipment

Greenhouse Cooling – Greenhouse Humidification
– Greenhouse Chemical Application

Aquafog® fogging units excel in the greenhouse growing industry with dependability, ease of installation and low cost. Humidity, cooling and, low-volume chemical application are among the countless uses for good-quality fog in the greenhouse.

Applications include Propagation, Plug production, Tissue culture, Orchid growing, Transplant shock reduction, Graft union healing and Bare root storage, to name a few. The very quiet Aquafog 700 is perfectly suited for the retail greenhouses and residential hobby size greenhouses. The CRSM is a definite winner when it comes to chemical or pesticide fogging, as stated by one of our CRSM owners.

Aquafogs® evolved from the greenhouse humidification equipment market
Originally developed for high humidity propagation. Aquafog focused on the needs of the hard to root propagules, like woodies, ornamentals and grafting.

They are now used for:

Greenhouse Circulation
Pesticide fogging
Growing orchids
All levels of plant propagation
Tissue culturing
Growing mushrooms

The key fogging equipment that is generally used for…

Retail & Hobby-size greenhouse Cooling and Humidification – Aquafog 700

Outdoor Patio & Event evaporative cooling – Aquafog 700

Mid-large Greenhouse Cooling/Humidification – XE-2000, XE-1000, XE-1500 for 50Hz, XE-500, XE-660 for 50Hz

Mid-large scale greenhouse pesticiding – XE-CRSM

The advantages of forced airflow with fog are three-fold: fog is distributed uniformly throughout the greenhouse, oversaturation is reduced and evaporative cooling accelerated. The Aquafog’s versatility and ultra-fine fogging capability also make it effective for greenhouse pest control. Soluble pesticides can be applied uniformly and quickly after employees and customers have left the area thus reducing the hazards of chemical exposure. The Aquafog’s nozzle-free design also eliminates plugging problems.