Industrial Humidification

Industrial Humidification

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Aquafog fans are extremely useful in a variety of large-scale manufacturing operations. Units are incredibly powerful and ideal for spot, evaporative cooling for workers in very hot working environments. Manufactures of products that need a specific relative humidity levels can utilize the hanging Turbo XE units to humidify large environments. Aquafog units produce high-quality fog with fully adjustable output for versatility and control in keeping nearby equipment dry. In addition, these low-maintenance, nozzle-free units are self-flushing and will not clog.

Aquafog fogging fans are very successful in re humidifying , suppressing dust and static electricity in many indoor manufacturing operations, such as wood, paper, textiles, and leather goods applications, as well as providing for the proper relative humidity environments in storage facilities. With industrial-grade components and unique engineering, Aquafog fans provide the performance and dependability highly sought after in the manufacturing industry.

The key fogging equipment that is generally used for…

Spot and Worker Evaporative Cooling – XE-1000, XE-2000, XE-1500 for 50Hz, XE-HRSM

Mobile Humidification – XE-HRSM

Hanging Industrial Turbo XE Fans Cooling/Humidification – XE-1000, XE-2000, XE-1500 for 50Hz

Fumigation – XE-HRSM, XE-ORSM, XE-CRSM